Tuesday , August 9 2022

The tons & # 39; chocolate come from the factory road and solidify in Germany | 1 NEWS NOW


Street in & # 39; western German city was repaving worthy of & # 39; of & # 39 maker; fictional Willy Wonka candy when tons & # 39; chocolate factory moved out and solidify.

The German newspaper Soester Anzeiger reported today that a "small technical defect" involving storage tank caused the spill sweet and sticky from DreiMeister chocolate factory in & # 39; Westoennen.

After hitting the pavement to eat, the milk chocolate quickly hardened. About 25 firefighting got the job to remove a blade coating and using hot water and torches to remove the remaining bits of cracks and holes.

The boss of the company Markus Luckey told Anzeiger that the factory would re & # 39; act tomorrow. Luckey said if the spill had happened over Christmas near, "it would be a catastrophe".

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