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Tiger Woods ends year "best", will reduce the schedule in 2019


NASSAU, Bahamas – After hit last competitive and signed shot his last skorecard 2018, Tiger Woods was quick to enter a & # 39; reflective mode the Sunday afternoon at the Heroes World Challenge. It did not take him long to offer proper perspective.

"The whole year has been amazing," he said.

While this week was not best exactly for Tiger – went from last in the field & # 39; 18 a man after a 1 in 73 telaqlu f & # 39; 1 under for the tournament – 2018 will indeed decreases as one of the memorable.

His return to the PGA TOUR after having undergone multiple surgeries back would be enough & # 39; story & # 39; comeback. But then began to make noise at the weekend and gave him the opportunity to win again. Finally led to the TOUR Championship when she won for the 80th time on TOUR, but the first five years.

"I did compete. I did playing for years," said Woods, who is scheduled to fly to Australia this week to help promote the Cup of the 2019 Presidents, who is the master of Member United. "It was pretty amazing year to go from where I come from and now I & # 39; I say finally say that I made a year. We can refrain and really igawduha."

Woods said he did not take him winner in & # 39; Lond Lake to know he could & # 39; re wins on TOUR. He said he was in & # 39; contents in the Valspar Championship in & # 39; March – was only the fourth & # 39; & # 39 its beginning; season – was all the confirmation he needed. B & # 39; weeks difference before the Classic Honda, where Woods finished the T-12 but was not happy with the way continued his rounds, Tiger was encouraged with his share of second behind winner Paul Casey.

"Once I put myself in & # 39; position to win four in Tampa & # 39; tournaments it, I knew that could win", said Woods. "Now, I & # 39; I play consistent week, a week? That is a totally different matter."

Woods produced six more top-10 finishes after Valspar, but lost his second cut & # 39; season in U.S. Open and was not a factor in the first two FedExCup Playoffs events. These are some of the issues & # 39; consistency that he will try to purge in 2019.

Part of that solution will resolve itself by Woods reduces the schedule of his games. His 19 worldwide starts in 2018 agrees with his total of five years. Woods does not anticipate was playing a lot, but with his body preserved and by obtaining the qualification in & # 39; certain events – such as the Gulf World Championships & # 39; late last Bridgestone Invitational after moved into the top 50 in the world rankings – starting kept adding up. At that stage, had seven & # 39; & # 39 times in; 9 weeks.

Woods only once since 2006 had more events in & # 39; year 19 – 22 initially made in 2012.

He was still in his late 30s at the time. Later this month, he promised to close 43 and Woods does not make the body is its aging for the rigors of & # 39; that much start running & # 39; forward. He and his team will soon get together and try to figure out. The only confirmed its inception is the Open Genesis, which is run by his foundation, and four & # 39; majors.

"We will put back after I made with Australia and really get & # 39; back in the gym and build my body, make it more b & # 39; her health and get some me weight and see where I would start the year and I see how events I play, "said Woods.

"I will not do as much as I did this year. I played in & # 39; a lot this year, and it was from an increase & # 39; event because I missed the cut at & # 39; LA to qualify for get in & # 39; Acron. who knew I & # 39; make it through all the Playoffs events? So all those events many have said.

"I will not play as much as I did the last year. … It was just too much to deal with and my body was not physically prepared for it. I was not trained for that, so we will make some adjustments for the year -dieħla. "

For now, it will not only take time to reflect but will also begin testing off-season on his equipment. He did not change his equipment in 2018 but is looking forward to what TaylorMade can & # 39; have in store for him. Moreover, as mentioned, he'll hit the gym hoping to add another measure & # 39; consistency.

F & # 39; a point early in 2019 – has not ruled out the Sentry Removal & # 39; Champions, although not met & # 39; the league since 2005 – will see Tiger back on the course. B & # 39; gap year ago, the expectations will be different. Much higher.

"I know that I & # 39; win because obviously I ppruvatha," said Woods. "It's just a matter of getting all kinds & # 39; the highest level at the right time. … The willingness and the willingness and desire has not changed; only the issue of body be willing to do so.

"There are days or weeks cooperating, so it is only part of the injuries that I passed and aging. The older athletes only refrain b & # 39; consistently as they once did. I've out here for 20 a few years odd. "

Fortunately for the world of golf, now seems to be a few more years.

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