The Masters is different from any other tradition. The Match will be different than any other event.

After months & # 39; hype and trash talk, it's time for Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson to put their money where their mouths are. F & # 39; year oasis in the middle of the desert & # 39; Las Vegas, Woods and Mickelson are all set to tee at the Majestic Shadow Creek b & # 39; 9 million dollars on the line.

The play event is something that the world of golf – or the world of sport, for that matter – never seen. If the price of & # 39; pay $ 19.99 for each type & # 39; price was too much for you, USA TODAY Sports & # 39; Adam Woodard and Martin Rogers are here to follow the game and highlight the greatest moments for you.

Hole 9 – Par 4

They made a side bet & # 39; $ 100k if someone stand out for eagle (it's placement to jferraq). BUT WAIT. They put bet "another 0", and is now $ 1,000,000 for eagle.

Phil: Lefty goes outside the iron tee in No 9 and this one flirts with & # 39; the creek, which means it is smashed. It is the main place here.

Tiger: Good Iron Tiger here. Not far Phil, but he fairway.

Hole 8 – Par 3

Another of the side bet! $ 200k for "closest to the pin." Both also have odds & # 39; 3: 2 to make putts of & # 39; their birds, winning $ 75k if għamelha Tiger, Phil winning $ 50K.

Tiger: For the first time today, Tiger wins honor the tee. He landed it on one foot too short on the green and recorded a few. What hurts & # 39; his wallet if Phil does ġġibuhx inside 40 feet. He left his birdie putt too short, and opened the door for Phil to take back the lead (and a little more money). His par putt had extra step, hitting the right edge and missing. Bogey.

Phil: Lefty has the same exact thing as rolls his ball to the Tiger & # 39; s. Stop just short *, about 2 feet inside Tiger. That's another $ 200k to Phil. Tiger goes until his putt was short. There was no money exchanged more to miss. 5 feet, Phil throw the par putt to get & # 39; requires lead.

Phil 1 up to 8, up to $ 100k.

Hole 7 – Par 5

Before going into action on seven, here the early thoughts & # 39; Justin Thomas at The Match.

It's not bad, folks. Tiger tried to Phil jikkatta in & # 39; IDET, but Lefty did not take no extra risk, and said it was too, of & # 39; disadvantage. Many people field to grab spots on later holes as approaches & # 39; after the ninth & # 39; years. Martin Rogers noted that it is 1:37 p.m. f & # 39; Las Vegas, and there are many good habits gallery.

Phil: Winners of & # 39; Phil got the first cut, and his second shot was better. He went for the green but issued a short, this time sat bunker. Jungle to Jungle was a great film, but the bunker to bunker is a bad way to play for Phil. His third found a bunker about 10 yards ahead. Not good. He had the chip from the bunker to remove half hole, but unfortunately, he does.

Tiger: Tiger smoked his drive, his best shot out the day. His second, 40 yard & # 39; ahead of Phil, forfeited and is just off the green. Putt of & # 39; Tiger off the green was about as well as it & # 39; would be without it. It encrypts the birdie to even the match.

All square through 7. Tiger up $ 100k.

Hole 6 – Par 4

Phil: Another great shot from tee to Phil. He is dominating this game early. "Come on baby" says Phil since the departure of & # 39; his approach goes long, but it captures perfectly into the hole. Lefty is useful result from the establishment of & # 39; & # 39 chance; birdie. After his father Tiger, Phil had a chance to take a 2-up lead with a birdie and ħallaha briefly. Par.

Tiger: The golf cart for boys as the boost & # 39; Tiger goes a few yards & # 39; Phil. Tiger plays and turning his shot to the green, about the same distance & # 39; away for birdie. "Blocked by" says Tiger, losing a long and right. Another 4-footer to save par and is bring Tiger & # 39 ;. Another half.

Phil 1 to 6. Up to $ 100k Tiger.

Hole 5 – Par 3

And we have our first side bet! Phil and Tiger are doing "closest to the pin" in first par 3 for $ 100,000.

Phil: Not too shabby here from Lefty, getting this one up to 7 feet. He wins the "closest to the pin", but still worth $ 100k in betting. He lightly tapped his putt short but ħallaha. Denied their chance for Phil to collect a pair.

Tiger: It is on the green, but nowhere near 7 feet. "This is so bad," he says standing on the tee box. Tiger was filling & # 39; away over the green and he stays here & # 39; it up inside five feet. It comes & # 39; the putt for half halved.

Phil 1 to 5. Tiger up to $ 100k.

If the balcony appears light for a couple & # 39; next & # 39 holes can; get 4 cute green tent, stocked with & # 39; fresh gourmet tacos and beer b & # 39; anything enough to fill the fraternity feast.

Hole 4 – Par 5

Phil: The driver is useful here for Phil, and can & # 39; have only green that goes for this one in two. A 2-iron from 253 yards out from the green runs short in the rough, just missing bunker. Phil told Tiger that his putt was good, but he chose to putt. Tiger disagreed, good and they're both on birds.

Tiger: "No" said Tiger after contact, since this drive leak at navigational channel but go right into the gallery. His second shot well short out the first rough cut, 107 yards from the green. He fills his third short right next to the cup for a great chance & # 39; birdie, and he should be gimme. Birdie.

Phil 1 to 4. Tiger up to $ 200k


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Hole 3 – Par 4

Phil: The first driver of the day and Phil remove this one in the fairway. His approach "came low and spinning" and lands left of the cup, about 20 feet away. "Dip, dive, dive" he says as his putt just slid from the left. Par.

Tiger: The Big Cat draws the driver, but fails right. 165 yards to the green on rough hill, Tiger planned to leave it short and it is. The chip comes his & # 39; and folds, right about the same distance from where lost on No. 2. Pair (but this one also turned on the glass).

Phil 1 to 3. Tiger up to $ 200k

Hole 2 – Par 4

Phil: Another iron for Lefty right in the middle of the tee. Second shot misses slightly right, but he just & # 39; off the green, pin high. Known for his short game, chip of & # 39; Phil lasted long and left, leaving four hard footer for par, which he converted.

Tiger: Tiger & # 39; s 3-wood go a little more, even in the fairway. The door was open for Tiger, who ran his approach & # 39; outside the green. He placement & # 39; pens back, so no real damage with & # 39; Phil off the green. C tiger left his chip short, then drew his 3rd footer for par. He was reaching the cup before it ended. Yikes. Bogey.

Phil 1 up to 2

Hole 1 – Par 4

Cupcakes and muffins are arranged in & # 39; clearly on the table from the first tee box, in case Tiger or Phil – or anyone else – finds hunger. Since we were already eat enough yesterday. Phil won the coin toss – and took the coin after – and we will have started out on No. 1.

With $ 200,000 on the line above the first tee, ripped iron Phil 2 in the right side of the fairway. Woods followed his straight b & # 39; Iron qalid, but ran from the fairway and still raw.

Just as they walk to their balls, both talked about how "cool" Samuel L. Jackson is, marvelat in the course, and even talked about how special it is for their children to join them.

Second shot & # 39; Tiger cut just before the cup, and established a great look at birdie. Phil landed just inside the Tiger, but rrombla little left. They're inside 10 feet.

"Do not stop" said Tiger, who just missed right. Phil either.

"It hurts & # 39; pocket", said Tiger with a grin. All square through 1, except in the wallet, which now along with Tiger & # 39; $ 200,000.

Fun fact: two Taiwanese businessmen have lost $ 2,000 plus & # 39; other on the hole, as well.


There were no tickets available for sale but about 400 people are on the base and follow the game, many of them through & # 39; & # 39 affiliation; Capital One sponsor or broadcaster TNT / BR Live.

Woods showed Shadow Creek in local time & # 39; 8: 56 a.m., b & # 39; Mickelson's little more than an hour after 9:53 a.m. The trash talks began on green placing, with Tiger appearing on Sunday his classic Sunday.

"I decided to go red today?" asked to Mickelson.

The answer & # 39; for a Lefty Woods, wearing his signature all black: "The very thick & # 39; Black".

Both Woods and Mickelson were fiddling with the sound package mic on the side of & # 39; back of their trousers during sessions & # 39; their placement. Can & # 39; & # 39 be a matter; comfort and x & # 39; is likely to take some used to.


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