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Van Riemsdyk reflect on time in & # 39; Toronto before return


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James van Riemsdyk had two teams in NHL career & # 39; his 10 years – the Philadelphia Flyers and Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Flyers drafted van Riemsdyk in second place in the Draft NHL Entry 2007, and then in innegozjawh & # 39; Toronto in 2012 for defenseman Luke Schenn, Just to recap & # 39; sign a contract & # 39; five years, a & # 39; $ 35 million as unrestricted free agent last summer.

Saturday, Van Riemsdyk makes his return to Toronto with the Flyers to face the team that played in the last six seasons. It was a game that does not Riemsdyk was sure that would stand again another & # 39;, having suffered damage in the lower body in the second competition & # 39; Philadelphia, illimitatha for six weeks. But he is ready to go now, and check Thursday to reflect on the decision of & # 39; Toronto to depart contract extension, his favorite memories as Leaf and what life is like second time in & # 39; Filadelphia.

Imagine IncorporatedTSN: Starting back in the summer. Both knew Toronto was not going to offer a new deal?

JVR: "Well, look back over the past season, ran over and there was not much dialogue, probably begin to realize that your work last year & # 39; anywhere. Most people in my situation[likeher[like[bħalha[likeTyler Bozak and Leo Komarov]did a good job & # 39; compartmentalisation of & # 39; and not what & # 39; letting that affect on a & # 39; day. We had a large group & # 39; girls like they were together in the rink and made much less & # 39; worry f & # 39; a great year like that and made that much easier process.

"Then, to be honest, it was useful to the Leafs, about a week or more before free agency, made it clear to my agent that they would go in & # 39; different direction. I think that help me mentally can & # 39; I have clear head to take another decision. If you weigh all these different factors [after] you invest so much in & # 39; place for so long and have those links, and the decision comes & # 39; on the wire, you & # 39; pulled in & # 39; different directions. So it was nice to have in advance and allowed to make some of & # 39; peace with their decision and can & # 39; move & # 39; forward and put my thoughts in & # 39; what place has to be good and what is good. Philadelphia verified many & # 39; those with heart boxes there and the organization and the city. "

TSN: Did you personally do not want to restore Toronto & # 39; sign?

JVR: "I think I did a good job to play in & # 39; when I was in high & # 39; Toronto [van Riemsdyk amassed 294 points in 413 games for the Leafs]. It's cliche, but you only control the things you & # 39; control, and effective player and & # 39; success. I had been traded before, and sometimes, especially in & # 39; & # 39 period, salary threshold, the business side of & # 39; things take place and it is like a puzzle to try to put all these things together. There is only so much to go around. Especially when there are three smaller guys[[[[Auston Matthews, And Mitch Marner William NYLANDERS]f & # 39; next Toronto for contracts. There was a need to have some from the left. So you & # 39; to assess how difficult the job management. They are making decisions that they think are the best and I do not necessarily take it personally went another route. "

Imagine IncorporatedTSN: You were the Linemate of & # 39; Marner and has been a friend since the beginning of his career. How did that relationship influences the end of your time in & # 39; Toronto?

JVR: "Just thinking back on it, I see [the six years] in three different stages: the first stage & # 39; when he came there and we made the playoffs [in 2012-13], And then we had to do it again for a few years, and then we got injected with & # 39; so many people in my last seasons & # 39; couple, which was awesome & # 39; and exciting it is to play with & # 39; those calibres.

"For someone like Mitch, I think it was exciting for me and Bozak to play it. The stuff of hockey speaks for itself, but ultimately is a great kid and a great person and a great friend. You're so happy to see guys like those to be successful. it's so passionate about the game and loves the game, so he keeps getting better and better. When you have such a combination that, the sky is the limit for him. When he came into the league, I remember you sponge f & # 39; that age, and is following all these different things around you and Mitch comes & # 39; in & # 39; that category you want tixxarrabha all. the more and more comfortable, better had. "

TSN: S & # 39; will be your case to line up a lot of old friends and teammates on Saturday?

JVR: "It will be an emotional thing. When f & # 39; location for a long period & # 39; time and make those friendships, feeling so invested in the organization and is Maple Leaf and be a Torontonian. Making changes after everything you , have a chance to reflect over the summer and even simply be hurt. Coming back from that and realized in this game f & # 39; Toronto was, I had all these emotions. I really enjoyed my time as Maple Leaf and resided in & # 39; Toronto and everything they had to offer. I can not say enough good things about how he was treated by everyone in town, everyone in the organization. I always look back properly on; always keep those young years near and dear. "

TSN: Is there a favorite memory to keep from year & # 39; Leafs?

JVR: "That's a good question. That first year I was there, we had a playoff run, ended with & # 39; as heart [with a Game 7 overtime loss to the Boston Bruins in the first round], But it was a long drought [of seven seasons] not arrived there, so it was quite exciting to be back.

"And then I think it was two years ago, we had that game against Pittsburgh [on April 8, 2017] we had to win to get & # 39; back in the playoffs. It was pretty back game and & # 39; ahead and remember [Curtis] McElhinney make some great savings [on Sidney] Crosby in the third to keep the victory and we got in the playoffs. So what was just an amazing feeling, as we saw the thing & # 39; around, we kibna back to the playoffs. Especially after having gone through some of those tough times with the team, to get the & # 39; and win a chance to compete for a championship was quite nice. "

Imagine IncorporatedTSN: About this season, Saturday will be only the seventh & # 39; Your game of the year and fifth since re & # 39; back from injury. What happened on that play where intlejt?

JVR: "It was just kind of & # 39; fluky thing. One of those which prepare so well and doing all these things to get yourself ready and is completely out of your control when breaking bones. Always tough. It was not even shot I got hit too hard[Minndifensurta'ColoradoAvalanche[fromColoradoAvalanchedefenceman[minndifensurta'ColoradoAvalanche[fromColoradoAvalanchedefencemanmark BARBERIO], It just got me on the right place and have & # 39; a minor type & # 39; but something broke bones and you just have to expect it heal.

"Revenue in & # 39; this situation & # 39; Philly, you must stop for a good start. You realize how important a part of the process, getting your familiarity with & # 39; your linemates and staff training. Obviously it takes a bit of & # 39; getting & # 39; the handset is not never ideal, but it gives you a chance to get to work and focus on some things to improve your game and maybe see a few and pick some things that will help you get where & # 39; back line. "

TSN: You three points in your first three games back. Are you comfortable with & # 39; where are you now?

JVR: "M & # 39; There is nothing quite there and experience everything. M & # 39; there is no other way or a better way to get chemistry with & # 39; linemates. You feel for the flow of & # 39; and the coach likes to run the bank and is the kind of & # 39; anything you want. But as far as the day to day, different meetings, different process & # 39; practice, training stuff, you get more comfortable with & # 39; what [even injured] and I think this is important. When comfortable with the stuff around hockey, and your life & # 39; away from the rink seen later, then doing the ice, making things a lot simpler and less harsh and allows re & # 39; back on the ice better mentally. "

TSN: How did the transition underway in the Flyers room after six years & # 39; away?

Imagine IncorporatedJVR: "There are only four & # 39; guys left I was here before – Sean Couturier, Jakub Voráček, Wayne Simmons and Claude Giroux. I played three years before all & # 39; Claude. We lived next to each other that the entire time also, so I saw to be pretty good buddies with him and we keep in touch over the years here and there. He was one of the men reached when the period & # 39; agency b & # 39; anything and I began to talk with him. Having some familiarity with the players was good and had many of the same trainers and staff and what kind of & # 39; stuff, so give a little more & # 39; sense & # 39; comfort. "

TSN: Is that what finally pushed back to Philadelphia?

JVR: "It's funny. If you had tkellimni year before 1 & # 39; July when I spent the last year of my contract, and if staqsiejtni where potentially end could, he would not Toronto, would probably be here. But I wanted to enter into & # 39; agency b & # 39; no b & # 39; open mind and naqssilx any possibility that you & # 39; is there. it is one of those things where you never expect that you'll an organization twice in your career. you have only so many years on this, and there are 31 players and I was traded for the first time, so you're never really sure. a lot of & # 39; Philadelphia was a good fit [again]. "

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