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Wally Oppal appointed to assist in & # 39; BC Legislative Investigation


Situation in B.C wrong. the legislature got even messier Thursday after the opposition leaders showed that House Speaker designate has tried friend and special adviser to replace high senior official.

After hours filled with & # 39; confusion on conferences & # 39; canceled news and written statements revelations, afternoon led to the appointment of & # 39; second special advisor to the Speaker – all in the heart & # 39; scandal that already includes two special prosecutors and RCMP investigation.

At the root of Thursday communion is the investigation of the Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Lenz and the Clerk of the House Craig James, both of which are placed on indefinite leave Tuesday, pending investigation criminals.

As the questions continued to switch on the allegations against the two men, the Opposition House Leaders Mary Polak increased twice in Thursday morning, when qratlu sworn statement to reporters. She said Plecas had asked his special adviser, Allen Mullen, to replace Lenz while he was on leave.

Leaders & # 39; the opposition raised concerns about the speaker's plan to appoint a friend sgrigant arms. 0:52

That force meeting Monday – days before delivery of the suspension. Polak said the request & # 39; Plecas rejected almost instantly.

"He expressed his wish and was immediately cut and said," No ", said Polak." Inappropriate. "

Polak said she and B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson started the qualification question & # 39; Mullen as what you're talking about and investigating allegations against Lenz and James.

shortly after the declaration of & # 39; Polak, the leader of the NDP House Mike Farnworth confirmed the meeting & # 39; Plecas, and said he was also refused the request to appoint Mullen as sergeant at arms.

Meanwhile, Plecas dodged the questions of reporters about what happened, who promised to have more answers at a news conference Thursday afternoon. He later canceled that event, promised his office has written statement addressing the events & # 39; in the morning.

As a crowd & # 39; expected reporters waited at the door for the Speaker rooms, Mullen was finally emerged to read a short statement. He announced that he had asked Plecas second special adviser to help with legal questions, and the former judge and attorney general Wally Oppal were raising that role.

Mullen did no question.

Meanwhile, the legislature adopted the motion Thursday afternoon to appoint current Deputy Clerk Kate Ryan Lloyd as a temporary clerk and Mr. Sergeant-at-Arms Randy Ennis as sġillin in the current weapons.

Escorted by the legislature

The police escorted to Lenz and James by the legislature after the house unanimously voted in favor of a motion to suspend them on Tuesday – the situation Premier John Horgan called "shocking".

James and B.C. Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Lenz are subject to & # 39; criminal investigation. 0:59

The officers were restricted on the nature of & # 39; investigation on par in days since then, but there was a clearer timeline of what led to their suspensions began to emerge Wednesday.

F & # 39; & # 39 conference, news, Mullen said Plecas raised his concerns about Lenz and James and asked to investigate in & # 39; January.

"It has been presented to a number of & # 39; different reasons … there was just a regular concern about many different things, including this", said Mullen.

Mullen said he collected the information and passed the results along with the RCMP and police in Victoria & # 39; August. Mounties contacted the B.C. month Prosecution Service & # 39; later, it & # 39; the latter said in a statement.

The Head of House Mary Polak Opposition and Leader of Opposition Andrew Wilkinson talked to reporters in B.C. Thursday night morning. Polak revealed House Speaker Darryl Plecas friend and tried to appoint a special adviser to temporarily replace a senior official in the legislature in & # 39; meeting on Monday. (Tanya Fletcher / CBC)

Public 'entitled to know the truth "

On Thursday, Polak said she did not know who was investigating James Mullen and a seven Lenz & # 39; months before the house voted on their suspensions.

She said she barely know who was Mullen before Tuesday.

"I had caught him in the hallway once or twice," she said. "I really did not know much of & # 39; something about him or his role. "

Wilkinson said he and Polak disclosed their information Thursday to ensure that the public have full information about the situation "concerning".

"The question arises about the qualifications & # 39; Alan Mullen regarding the treatment of & # 39; this issue", he said, with Polak standing. "The public is entitled to know the truth & # 39; the events & # 39; this week."

Asked if has faith in & # 39; Pillcas as a speaker, Wilkinson said he can & # 39; there are some thoughts x & # 39; do.

"Also, because the factual disclosure & # 39; this week, I think there will be some consideration of the next steps and there will be, I expect, pool & # 39; housing leaders to consider the next steps ", he said.

Two special prosecutors were assigned to the case Lenz and James "to provide legal assistance and advice" to the Mounties because of the size and the possible scope of the investigation.

On Thursday afternoon, Horgan described the event as "a shock to the institution", and said m & # 39; has information about the allegations against Lenz and James.

The house clerk gives non-partisan advice to the speaker and can & # 39; to be consulted on procedural matters, and keeps track of all the parliamentary procedures.

The sergeant at arms is responsible for maintaining order in the legislative chamber and other areas involved in home business.

Alan Mullen speaks to reporters on Wednesday, two days after officials from B.C. legislature was put on indefinite leave. House Speaker Darryl Plecas to Mullen moved on to conduct an internal investigation on the matter in & # 39; January. (Tanya Fletcher / CBC)

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