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Wanted: Suspect sought in & # 39; random attack east


The police are asking the public to help find Yusuf Hussein, 18, of Ottawa, in connection with an attack that happened over the weekend.

The police accused Ottawa two children of 18 years by beating brazen senior citizen on the pavement of Vanier left last month.

Morty White, a & # 39; 74, told Postmedia that "could & # 39; died" after being attacked by & # 39; vicious way as he emerged from a bank machine in Street & # 39; Montreal f & # 39, around 9 & # 39; morning 8 & # 39; December.

White, one of the founders of & # 39; Bagel Bagel in the Byward Market, suffered a broken nose, black eyes, bruises and swelling on the back & # 39; head, broken pelvis and broken ribs.

Morty White ranks Civic Hospital in & # 39; Ottawa Monday 10 & # 39; December, 2018.

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He was also confused about the ground, because nothing was stolen from it. The police are describing as a random attack.

In a statement to news Monday, the police & # 39; Ottawa said Abdirahman Sahal, 18, of & # 39; Ottawa was charged with & # 39; assault, aggravated assault and two violations of & # 39; probation. He had to appear in court Monday.

Facing the same charges is Yusuf Hussein, a & # 39; 18 years, a & # 39; Ottawa (with & # 39; recognition violations). He was still at large Monday afternoon. He is described as a man of the Middle East, six feet, two inches long, weighs 224 pounds. He has short black hair, a beard cut. Anyone with information is asked to call the central unit of the criminal investigations f'613-236-1222, ext. 5166.

Reached by email while he was holidaying in Mexico, the wife of White, Black Pat, wrote:Morty is very happy that the police managed to find them and had sufficient evidence to arrested … We were most impressed with the seriousness with which the police took this issue and to keep informed. "

On 8 December, the whites had breakfast in the Quick Lunch Eddy in Montreal Road near Hannah Street when he made a short distance towards the Scotiabank few blocks & # 39; away. As walked back to his car after having used the bank machine, White said he briefly saw two men, one of them in & # 39; suddenly full laqatlu afloat.

Witnesses said the two men remained jegħluhu as being on the edge of parking. Good Samarita soon came to his rescue. White said he lost consciousness briefly and remember to put in an ambulance at & # 39; around 9:30 am He spent a few days in the hospital and recovered his mobility enough to the point that he planned to travel to -Messiku this month for an extended holiday.

"I do not think it was targeted. I just happened was in the wrong place at the right time."

The police annual report for 2017 shows that Ottawa almost any type of theft has increased from the previous year, exceeding the total to 502 from 435. The thefts so-called "personal" rose to 143 from 92 in 2017. The violent crime increased by & # 39; 20 percent in & # 39; one year, from 541 to 649. In 2017 accident there were more crimes "against the person" than in the previous five years.


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