Friday , August 12 2022

"We'll probably all getting the Statues here"


Kevin Durant sees getting a statue in the Bay Area, with its members.

KD add to the Golden State Warriors will retire the jerseys leaves its current All-Star.

Durant believes that three foskati cultivate the place & # 39; dubs in history.

for (Via & # 39; Yahoo Sports):

"I know for a fact that we will all win our jerseys. Probably we all start here statues in front of the Center & # 39; Chase," said Chris Haynes to Yahoo Sports. "We will be young Bay Area legends forever, which means that people recognize to this team and it goes forever in & # 39; this area. Steve Kerr will be immortalizzat and he will be a legend forever . Bob Myers, as well, and Joe Lacob. "

Durant, however, believes that three-peat factions constitute its case and be celebrated for many years.

"Yes, I refer to what I think. I think it's going. I think about 50 years from now when they have our whole team on the floor of the Center & # 39; Chase, or where the arena is f & # 39; that point, all fans will blur for us and reminiscent in & # 39; those days. "

Kevin Durant: "I am 100 Total committed Percentage This Team This Year"

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