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Who is the Head & # 39; & # 39 KREE of; ANNETTE Bening in CAPTAIN MARVEL?


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Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Comics

Annette Bening & # 39; s casting in The Captain Marvel was officially confirmed this week, and she also appeared in the new trailer for the film. But its actual role remains & # 39; mystery; by all appearances, is a leader Kree – but who?

The obvious suggestion is embodiment & # 39; Supremor, the Kree Supreme Intelligence. Live computer containing all knowledge of several generations of Kree, and often works as the absolute empire of the emperor.

However, Supremor usually appears as a giant green face in & # 39; surface & # 39; eerie chemicals. Even when projecting itself in & # 39; other places, usually appears as a floating holographic version of its own giant face. Still, Marvel Studios has increased by leaps & # 39; lesser known characters before – and Bening is enough to accommodate prestigious player with & # 39; that kind of & # 39; change.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Bening can & # 39; Hala version also makes the accuser, a member of the same degree of & # 39; leaders & # 39; Kree like Ronan, who also appears in The Captain Marvel. In the comic books, Hala is the last accused, one of the few surviving members & # 39; the Kree empire after falling & # 39; a few years ago (at the time of the comics). Hala was never specifically depicted as a leader of the Kree, but again & # 39; other, that is a small change that makes a character many casual fans do not recognize to begin.

Anyone Bening is playing, the – The Captain Marvel trailer makes it clear that it is an instrumental part of the history of the origins of & # 39; Carol Danvers – and potentially the MCU.

We'll find sure when The Captain Marvel hits theaters 8 & # 39; March, 2019.

Oh yeah, HAG & # 39; other … We have not completely neskludux it can & # 39; is Skrulls. But more on that later …

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