Saturday , December 4 2021

Why not Jose Mourinho finds his Eriksen?


I know that I will not say anything you do not know already, but I think that & # 39; the manager states that & # 39; Football team & # 39; success is not just about buying & # 39; the best players, sitting back and allowing them to do their stuff. Yes, it is about the acquisition & # 39; good or even great players, but of course is only part of the job. There is also this ancient art that was usually common in the game, even in the most big clubs … called training, training and development.

When looking at what the coaches & # 39; Spurs, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton are making to their teams, you & # 39; at least see what you are trying to achieve. Can & # 39; is not always a & # 39; success, but there are b & # 39; clearly direction & # 39; travel. You & # 39; to see how being punched. You & # 39; see how the players are developing. So why did Jose Mourinho so obviously abandoned any idea of ​​& # 39; development and training its players to upgrade? Why is it so completely tied to & # 39; pole of transfers is the only way to improve his side? Last week stated about it.

"M & # 39; you have no chance on the market unless they go crazy numbers or instead go for that asking tier players and still have crazy numbers. But that second level is people that people say, and I agree, that is not what is Manchester United. "

You & # 39; to see those words as he completely excluded the possibility that you can & # 39; buy a player "second tier" and then train and coach to actor & # 39; the first level. It does not seem still considered as an option. Certainly this is not satisfactory for everyone.

Look at the next quote from the same press conference. It's almost as if he condones the side is not very good because they can buy the best players, even though the team and it stars.

"It is more difficult to buy players & # 39; high, high, high. The clubs are more powerful. The clubs do not want to sell, and sell want to go for absolutely incredible levels. First, the smallest ones were almost ask the big clubs: "Make my best players. I need to sell. Please, you're strong. Buy my best player. "F & # 39; this moment, do not want to sell."

Dewmienna that clubs are prostrati to the Kingdom ask them to buy their players looks very bad and a little odd. Why not just get players with & # 39; huge potential and make really good players instead? S & # 39; is wrong to do it? Others made. S & # 39; Exactly is becoming even from day to day? S & # 39; Kingdom tħallaslu they do? S & # 39; they are out of it than the players shopping lists? Hasu mistook for a real life video game?

When Spurs bought Christian Eriksen in 2013 as a man & # 39; 21 years did not buy the midfielder & # 39; at 2013, they were buying someone super talented but had to develop more. Now in 2018 is much more consistent and improved player. That's because of the way & # 39; as he was guided at Spurs. It was purchased for £ 11 million and it should be worth ten times that or more.

Mourinho does not want to do something big like that? No, he did not do so. He just wants others to do the work and then buy the new improved player at any cost. It is as if I do otherwise is below him. Well it is simply not working. And why would

Football m & # 39; should be only arms race to buy the best players. It should be more than that. Much, much more. But wait, Jose has not done.

"You & # 39; buy the best Tottenham players? No, because it does not sell. Of course, they are so powerful that can say no. A few years ago, who was the best player & # 39; Tottenham? Michael Carrick . and a few years later, who was the best player? (Dimitar) Berbatov. We can go there now and bring Harry Kane? "

The implication is clear. If he could & # 39; buy Kane, then they better be secondary because Kane is a great player and that he could not be suggested as a reason not & # 39; do good, or at least because his work is so difficult today. But surely that is simply not how football and Mourinho has evidence & # 39; & # 39 this f; Old Trafford in the muscular form and mood & # 39; Alexis Sanchez to name but one example. It's everything you? Buy items? Is it? Really?

He said a lot this season Mourinho f & # 39; blow seems outdated because the words and his own acts, it seems to try to buy the fastest car to win the race and not to construct parts of & # 39; high quality. It seems he had mind mentally and emotionally embossed himself to it as philosophy, the seemingly infinite resources & # 39; the Unit enabled it jipprattikah as a concept and many fans were iddotrinati the same vision, always looking for another great sign to solve problems, and when they do one and do so, simply go back to the requirement of & # 39; another. It's almost bad for it.

How long will it? Philosophy is clearly not passive with large all other sides in England and most of & # 39; smaller ones too, are making big sides and play much better than United. It would be naive in the extreme to deny the primacy of rivals & # 39; the emirate is the huge financial investment. Of course it is. But that's not just what you rely on them to succeed.

But Jose is.

C & # 39; est why he left behind. Is unable or unwilling to make the sum of the greatest club parties by individuals. The failure & # 39; United is a non & # 39; coaching, a & # 39; & # 39 management and; philosophy and perhaps the only one who can not see is the man in the vortex center & # 39; mediocrity.

John Nicholson

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