Wednesday , December 8 2021

"You do not steal dog & # 39; someone": the homeless man & # 39; Vancouver sad at the disappearance of the company


Homeless man in the East & # 39; Vancouver is hoping that his dog, which he says was taken from outside a restaurant, will be returned to him.

Michael Lorimer says his dog went missing about a week ago after went into the building in the East Hastings and Nanaimo and left the animal outside.

Lorimer says that its destruction he left the dog alone.

"I am hoping that someone thought that the dog was in need of & # 39; assistance and was doing right by għażelha," he said Sunday. "You do not steal dog & # 39; someone … is part of your family."

Watch Michael Lorimer describes what his dog means to him:

Lorimer seeks pet, who went missing in East & # 39; Vancouver. 0:17

The dog is a Jack Russell cross Mishah called Chihuahua. The animal is mostly white with brown ears and a small black spot on the back.

Lorimer is partially paralyzed and panhandled in the neighborhood for many years. He said it was hard to free his pet.

"She was with me 24-7. It is just a great little dog, just good friends."

The community members have been trying to find a Mishah Lorimer help by putting posters about the dog.

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