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5 ways your cell phone can & # 39; help you reduce your use


Are you worried that spending too much time on your mobile phone screen but you can not help it?

You are not alone smart phones have become a very essential tool not only to be connected but for basic actions or & # 39; routine such as the calculation of our share to be paid by the restaurant bill, remembering what have planned for the week or see the time.

There were also the means to go when getting anything out & # 39; do, Even in & # 39; those small moments qsimna lining in the supermarket or expect the bus arrives.

In the UK for example, people check your phone every 12 minutes on average, According to a survey of & # 39; August 2018 carried out by Ofcom, the state authority to regulate the media in & # 39; that country.

In the United States, the majority of teenagers admit that they spend too much time on their mobile phones: 54%, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center, released in the same month of Ofcom.

But, although it sounds contradictory & # 39;, if you want to reduce the time spent & # 39; on your mobile phone you & # 39; use your phone.

The telephony industry itself has developed alternative (and even products) aimed at those who want to stand out from the phone.

Next, we offer a few.

Remove the color from the screen

The color influences the way perceive things and brighter and more colorful the mobile phone screen, most will grab our attention.

Thus, Time Well spent, a non-profit organization that seeks to combat the "crisis & # 39; digital out" that it believes are suffering today, recommends let's use the screen in grayscale to be less attractive for us.

To achieve this, if you have an Android phone, you enter "Settings" and select the option "About phone". Here you will have to press several times on "Number & # 39; compilation" unless it appears the message "is not necessary, you are already a developer".

When this happens, go back to "Settings" and you will see that we will now have the option "to Developer Options". Search "Simulate color space" and select "Color Blindness".

If you have an iPhone, go to settings and select the option "General", then "Accessibility". Click on "Function & # 39 quick" and select "Color Filter". From now & # 39; forward, you & # 39; change the screen in grayscale and vice versa by simply pressing the button & # 39; startup phone three times.

Eliminate blue light

If you find it difficult night to put the phone aside and going to bed, the culprit has a name: light blue.

The screens of mobile phones, computers and televisions emit a intense light & # 39; Short wave stimulating much. You & # 39; & # 39 be; great help to wake up in the morning, to help combat fatigue. But that is the worst companion when it came time to go to sleep, to get rid of our sleep.

However, there are ways to reduce.

of – apples, for example, have Night Shift option, To change the screen colors to warmer end of the spectrum. You & # 39; tipprogrammaha to activate itself every day at a specific time or between the sun and the sun.

Some Android versions have similar tools, but if your not one of them can & # 39; download a similar application F.lux o Filter Blue Light Fitness Leap Group.

Be aware of & # 39; cboth use the phone

An important step in change habits is to know ourselves: We nqattgħu day time before the mobile phone screen? S & # 39; do during that time: something useful or procrastinating?

To ngħinek, developers of the two most widely used operating systems, Google Android and Apple iOS, newly integrated tools that inform you about the time you spend several apps and both & # 39; often using mobile phone. Also, enabling impose fees, by making, for example, that your phone does not allow YouTube to use more than one hour.

Time Screen, Apple, already available, but the majority of users of Android, however, still have to wait Digital welfare be compatible with versions of your system.

Although you & # 39; turn to alternative applications that bring even more options, such as (OFFTIME) -Detox Digital +, Which allows you to create several profiles with & # 39; different functions (blocks & # 39; notifications, provide automatic responses to messages jasluna, etc.) And set alarms to notify us when we use the phone too.

Space is similar application, which also enables to impose targets to reach and share with & # 39; & # 39 group; friends or family.

Avoid the temptation of social networks

Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are the major destinations where we end up on getting anything out & # 39; do and turning to the phone.

If you do not want to go to eliminate them from your mobile phone, you & # 39; take other measures.

One of them is Turn off notifications for each of these applications or to receive them only ikkonfigurahom if they come from people, Such as messages or comments, but not & # 39; groups, pages & # 39; companies, etc.

Spent Time Spent recommend Remove all icons from the screen of your home and let only the application of tools such as map, notes, calendar or calculator.

It also gives advice tidraw Use the search bar when you want to use application. direct access. "The typing enough effort you need to pause and ask yourself: & # 39; I & # 39; really do it? & # 39;

Phone to stop using the phone?

Some manufacturers have developed what they call accompanying devices. They are smaller mobile phones with & # 39; less options to make them less attractive to use.

This does not want you to quit your phone. Your intention is to buy another mobile phone that can & # 39; use when you want to disconnect, but nothing.

One of them is the tiny Palma, Phone & # 39; 3.3 inches only designed to divert calls to your messages and when it does not want to use your main phone.

Another is the much more minimalist light phone, Developed through funding campaign. It has the size & # 39; credit card only allows calls and keep up to nine & # 39; numbers in memory.

The units sold, but the manufacturers have already begun a new collection for the second version also allows you to send and receive text messages.

the Nokia 3310, Updating of classical Finnish phone company, is also seen as a secondary phone, is much less benefits than the average smartphone.

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