Friday , August 12 2022

A Renault 5 Turbo 2 for auction!


Renault stands out as one of the brands being tested with & # 39; constant way in the world of motorsport. If today the French company encourages Formula 1 and did so until a few months ago in Formula E, three decades ago was the protagonist of the rally World Championship. On land and asphalt, the signature of the rhombus was competing with & # 39; one of the more cars marked by the fans: the Renault 5.

Renault 5

Perhaps for this reason, today the model is one of the most sought after among the cars that characterized the era in the '80s now, one of the most radical variants come to auction. She Evolution RS Turbo 2, Monster rear wheel drive and a central machine with & # 39; power & # 39; 17 horsepower. From this game, built just 200 units.

Renault 5

The – unit in question bear – of – chassis number 947 and is available – on sale – Silverstone auction houses, Where they estimate that the purest French can reach 78,000 euros (something like $ 61 million) in the 13 & # 39; in January when its new owner to decide. The Renault R5 Turbo 2 has only 22,000 kilometers on the odometer and turbo engine & # 39; its 1.4 liter is associated with & # 39; manual gearbox of & # 39; five-speed.

small Change

The auction reports that the first owner of the car, manager & # 39; businessman in Germany, made several modifications to the vehicle to compete with him in the World Cup Turbo 2 European Championship, so he fitted cage a & # 39; aluminum, and wheels & # 39; alloy & # 39; Gotti.

Renault 5

The mechanical inspection made by the Renault 5 Turbo Olly Melliard specialist, to ensure that Renault is come and go.

Both stand on the table?

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