Wednesday , March 22 2023

Abortion Protocol: PS accuses Conflict & # 39; Interest and Calls for Disability & # 39; Three National TC Ministers


Morning & # 39; this Monday members – databank – deputies – Socialist Party (PS), entered – Constitutional Court (TC) application Disqualification three ministers to discuss the protocol of conscientious objection abortion law three reasons.

Daniella Cicardini, Juan Castro and Leonardo Soto – all deputies PS – arrived for TC to enter the letter & # 39; need to ministers Juan José Romero, Pia Gallinato Silva and Miguel Ángel Fernández not participate in the discussion which The TC will analyze the constitutionality of abortion protocol.

At PS complain that ministers should be disqualified, because are part of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile teachers (PUC), an institution publicly manifested against the Law on Abortion.

"According to the publication's website PUC itself, are teachers & # 39; the said university and therefore they link with & # 39; is precisely the institution that was required and to contest the regulation a & # 39; interruption of pregnancy in three cases ", said Socialist deputy, Leonardo Soto.

F & # 39; that line the deputy Soto added that the Minister of TC, Miguel Ángel Fernández, as well as a teacher of PUC, as a lawyer Requests sponsored by at least five senators from Chile marched before TC, Seeking to repeal the current regulation & # 39; therapeutic interruption of pregnancy.

In the document presented to the TC by parliamentarians, is detailed that the PUC "contested by the action of & # 39; protection before the Supreme Court of Appeals & # 39; Santiago (Case 8818-2018) the -ambitu protocol for objection & # 39; awareness dictated by – administration & # 39; before, with – free of resolution No 61 – month & # 39;
January 2018. "

The document introduced by parliamentarians joining PS & # 39; those who have already joined members of the Party for National Renovation and Independent Democratic Union, in TC search declaring unconstitutional the rule the new & # 39; objection & # 39; awareness determined by the Ministry of Health.

B & # 39; in particular, The TC will analyze the constitutionality of the regulation which established the objection & # 39; awareness within the framework of the law on abortion three reasons, which currently prevent private health centers that receive state resources, To refuse to perform abortion by calling for objection & # 39; awareness.

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