The University of Michigan, in the US, conducted a study 19.2 million patients – adults, youth and children – private insurance. They analyzed the prescriptions prescribed by their physicians during 2016 and in 23% of cases found "not medically justified". According to the agency Efe, The author & # 39; the study, the Kao-Ping Chua doctor, warned that "the use of & # 39; antibiotics still rump and affects a large number of & # 39; patients," adds that "despite scores & # 39; & # 39 years; improving the quality and educational initiatives, the suppliers are still prescribing antibiotics for diseases that can improve themselves. "

The study showed that 40% of patients (7.6 million) between 18 and 64 received at least one prescription of antibiotics. Prescriptions & # 39; inadequate antibiotics were more among adults than among children: 15% received at least one inappropriate prescription & # 39; antibiotics; In the event & # 39; children, 11% received a prescription that does not correspond to them.

In most cases, drugs were indicated for cases of bronchitis and colds, "conditions that the drug does not improve", the research indicates. The American doctor indicated that resistance to antibiotics "is one of the greatest threats to public health in the world" and if patients continue to take medications m & # 39; are in need, this trend will continue to increase .

On the other hand, the study, published in the scientific journal British Medical Journal, Indicated that 36% – found potentially suitable prescriptions and 28% were related to & # 39; no documented diagnosis.