Monday , November 29 2021

Account & # 39; Twitter & # 39; Samsung has the Galaxy Note 9 screen than iPhone


iPhone is a phone for the poor in China, according to a study

Show Android than iPhone, Something which is becoming a solid, as we started nilfu cases. A few weeks the told as curiosity the cause of & # 39; million dollars filed by Samsung against influent failed contract with the company of Korea t & # 39; South and appeared on television with & # 39; iPhone.

F & # 39; in this case, the situation is most impressive, as was the famous sent by iPhone what is ittradera the official account & # 39; Samsung Mobile Nigeria, Using & # 39; to promote iPhone Note 9 & # 39; Samsung Galaxy.

Losing the account & # 39; Cases

Samsung iPhone

Marques Brownlee, considered by many as the best YouTubers technology world, and the discovery of a public figure & # 39; several similar cases – like that & # 39; Gal Gadot to use the iPhone to promote Huawei Mate 10 – again attract to & # 39; one of them. The account Samsung Mobile Nigeria – almost 300,000 followers – iPhone used to promote Note 9 & # 39; Samsung Galaxy, Leaving clear by & # 39; Twitter for iPhone at the bottom of the tweet. As expected, the message removes very quickly because, surely, the contract communal Manager published it. Marques was blocked at the time discovered after the decision, something that has already happened to him & # 39; Gal Gadot, who did not hesitate to give block as was discovered that instead of using iPhone Mate 10.

Despite the failure, the response & # 39; Samsung was immediate, by eliminating the tweet b & # 39; reference for shipment via iPhone.

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Curiosity which is becoming solitary, and there is very few cases in which assumes the features of & # 39; Android than iPhone. Gadot without using Huawei, Indian actress to use the iPhone instead of Pixel 2 XL, and now Samsung promotes Nigeria Note 9 terminal b & # 39; gear on her back.

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