Wednesday , May 25 2022

Act anniversary of the Cuban Revolution suspended in bomb alert


the the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution in the Municipality & # 39; Valparaiso was terminated early after warning & # 39; bomb mobilize staff & # 39; Carabineros.

The decision was made known through the account & # 39; Twitter Mayor Jorge Sharp, who said that "for reasons of & # 39; security was terminated prior to the act that Cuba has made social organizations in the Hall of & # 39; Honor of the municipality. "

"Carabineros informed of the warning of the bomb and the recommended measure. We will pray investigation and clarification of the facts', He said.

The Cuban ambassador Jorge Lamadrid He managed to make a speech before the escape, an opportunity which commented that "Thank you very much, to the accompaniment can not be achieved, can not be manipulated. It is the Chilean population really accompany democratic process, liberating and authentic as the Cuban, me m & # 39; there is no doubt about it. To ignore, hide or manipulate is pure politiċju. "

The police operation originated after anonymous call warning of two bombs inside the enclosure, that the & # 39; has not yet been proven.

According to preliminary information, call originated from Viña del Mar and has been adjudicated by a group called the Socialist Movement of Chile.

The act & # 39; commemoration was rejected by the government spokeswoman, Cecilia Pérez, and several parliamentary pro-government, which confirmed that it will bring Sharp to the Controller's Office to clarify the resources used in event .

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