Tuesday , August 9 2022

Advertising comes in Street Fighter V


Several times Capcom made decisions rather questions from the fans, but now perhaps have crossed the line.

A few days ago, the company announced that it will increase advertising with the game Street Fighter 5, And now finally reached the title and the truth seems simply ridiculous.

Starting starting with how this system. TheAdvertising seems both wrestlers and f & # 39; certain scenarios and will change eg Tattoo & # 39; GUILLE advertising, moreover will add some patches on clothing b & # 39; more publicity.

The good thing, for all those who refuse to make their characters seem dressed in Formula 1 games, is that Advertising is not mandatory and can & # 39; blocked from menu options. At the moment the shutdown will not see them more independent of whether or not your opponent is activated.

Now, to keep players activated and receive all advertising that Capcom wants, is what the company will pay money into the game (FM) to those who decide to keep it. It should be noted that this type of & # 39; & # 39 currency may; used to purchase the various DLC that the game has.

Advertising is only available in the default character costumes so any alternative clothing will have extra to view it. Regarding stages, it looks at three scenarios, launched to support the Pro Tour & # 39; Capcom.

Of & # 39; worth mentioning that moment all points & # 39; Capcom advertising Pro Tour and content that can & # 39; download the game, but not weird that soon, perhaps the tattoo & # 39; GUILLE or belt of & # 39; & # Blanca will be converted into 39; logal of & # 39; company.

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