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After a night & # 39; tension, Boca claims that with River Superfinali non – 25/11/2018


Boca with rqadx. The night at the Hotel Madero was & # 39; pure tension. The club leaders put point b & # 39; point regulation of CONMEBOL to advance b & # 39; stand firm in the formal request will do after the attack & # 39; rescue suffered the team when arrived at the Monumental in & # 39; micro to play the final to finally postponed. And this afternoon will publish a statement which will require the game with tintlagħabx. There will be x & # 39; is seen from CONMEBOL, has just confirmed that the advertising end of the Copa Libertadores will be playing on 17, as expected yesterday afternoon barbarism in & # 39; Núñez .

Lawyers evaluated all possibilities. From the application point, because they understand that there are many similarities with the 2015 episode pepper gas leaving Boca out of the race and was punished, so play "under protest", By marking all irregularities occurring afternoon & # 39; fury and pressure in & # 39; Núñez and opened the umbrella for possible subsequent claim.

There are not that minor. Neither the players nor the coaching staff does not want to play by the afternoon. They claim to be in & # 39; inferior conditions for the injuries suffered by the master Pablo Pérez, the afternoon passed Otamendi sanatorium to control himself from the injury suffered in & # 39; one of his eyes. The player, although it must play, not physically in & # 39; during which to do it.

Nor are the other players in the best conditions affected by the switch emergent micro windows after embarking on Avenida del Libertador and Monroe. Or those that failed because of tear gas that police have used to spread.

In the middle of & # 39; everything was Daniel angelic, the president & # 39; Boca him the CONMEBOL try to change & # 39; 'pact & # 39; knights' signed in the Monumental when River agreed not to play a game to show solidarity with rivals. The paper, according to the club's lawyers, Has no legal value and is not binding.

In the club & # 39; La Ribera they consider the legal filing & # 39; Boca, with documentation and medical certification of injuries suffered by players, is higher than signed in & # 39; that the agreement signed in & # 39; Landmark office between the pressures of CONMEBOL and even the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino.

Angelic knows what happens in & # 39; this final will have a high political cost too. You already feel when reviewing social networks. #AndateAngelici trend is for these hours. The fans, as players, do not believe that this item be played after the barbarism that there were experienced afternoon & # 39; Saturday & # 39; terror.

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