Thursday , December 9 2021

Alex Hernandez supports Piñera to Kramer in routine: He made two trial


In addition to the objective pursued, which translated to $ 32,851,438,341, the balance of the 2018 Telethon left Stefan Kramer as the protagonist again & # 39; other.

Don Francisco himself expressed some discomfort with routine commented that the humorist presented Saturday night at the National Stadium, which imitated the President Sebastián Piñera – in addition to singer Luis Miguel and animator Julián Elfenbein – and issued -kritika management of Government facing conflict in & # 39; Laucanía and death & # 39; Camilo Catrillanca.

F & # 39; a press conference held yesterday, Mario Kreutzberger said he did not know outset that imitators will present on stage and launched criticism. "I think everyone should be responsible, because it is & # 39; unit program. In program we want to get together to all Ċiljani, that is the most important thing", he said.

Who knew the routine data is Alex Hernández, the director of the television program & # 39; the show at the National Stadium. "Yes, I knew the routine, because irrimarnawh. Irrimarkawna what was going on stage, and I felt very good. At the content level m & # 39; there is no censorship", says the director La Tercera PM, detailing the show Kramer was confirmed twice: Friday and Saturday during the day.

Regarding the comments of comedian presentation generated and pineapples and wind were b & # 39; & # 39 in health; Ñuñoa with & # 39; any imitation & # 39; Piñera, Hernández comments: "I think the routines & # 39; Kramer are great. People are very enjoy them, and that's why the laughter pitch & # 39; everyone has heard & # 39 ;. I've always ammirajtlu lot. "He adds:" What did Kramer was humorous routine. He collaborate in a program that aims to combine the Chilean family. "

Another aspect that caught the attention of & # 39; the show was, after about 23 minutes on stage, the imitators was shot by Francisco Don and left the stage without receiving the "Heart & # 39 ; Chile ", granted the award to all artists to participate in. Before this, the director clarifies: "The routine & # 39; Kramer ended with him and left the stadium, while għalaqhom together. This was the end."

It is not the first time Kramer shake generates for his imitations of & # 39; Piñera in the Telethon. In 2011, the comedian appeared at the opening of the event & # 39; solidarity that mimics the president and his brother Miguel – with the President in the first row of the Teletón theater – which even raised some discomfort former Minister Energy and Mines Laurence Golborne, who said: "If it was respected or not, wants to bring people, the same people who organize it. Honestly, I found that some repeated topic. I remember saying" repeated joke out rind ".

While & # 39; now the government nor Chile is decided regularly on this topic, the chairman of the cabinet of President Sebastián Piñera, Magdalena Díaz, used his personal account & # 39; Twitter to express his will with comedian performance. "Sorry to hear Kramer so disagree with & # 39; the spirit of the Telethon. I also have the blood of our people, but I'm not high had no. It is not necessary to use this platform to share," said , adding his comments & # 39; Stefan Kramer himself.

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