Wednesday , March 22 2023

Algorithm & # 39; the controversial air requires more families sitting together for


They identify the victim and regret the family bond and extra charges apply when selecting seats.

Margot James, Minister of State for the Digital Industries and Creative England, made a sad announcement: the airlines are asking for more families traveling together on flights.

Incredible as it can & # 39; it seems, the lines & # 39; air taking advantage of the fact that the question is not regulated to identify when family travel and applies extra cost when selecting their seats. In case you do not pay, contained in & # 39; SITIL & # 39; away.

The minister described the algorithm as code "to mislead the general public." It was named in & # 39; UK Independent report:

Some lines & # 39; air set algorithm to identify passengers & # 39; the same name traveling together. They tended to share passengers, and when the family has to travel together are charged more.

The passengers began to notice they were separated from their relatives if they pay more for seats since June 2017, although the conflict has become relevant this year. The line & # 39; the airline Ryanair is one of those between the eyes & # 39; authorities, although they jiċħduha.

In a survey of & # 39; 4296 people, discovered that the separation was more frequent when flying with & # 39; Ryanair: 35 percent & # 39; respondents were separated and did not pay the extra money.

According to the same media, the issue will be examined by the Center for Ethics and Innovation Data, launched by the government this week, to identify and address areas where they need guidance and clearer regulations how to use the customer data. .

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