Friday , August 12 2022

Álvarez confirms conflicts & # 39; Beñat with the team after his departure


Catholic U.

in Catholic University output & # 39; Beñat San José continue to generate repercussions. Now it was Cristián Álvarez Referring to the departure of Spanish, recognizes the friction lifting room.

"It & # 39; ' Chapa "(José Pedro Fuenzalida) and me there has never been any problems, was always affectionate with us and there were situations that occurred in any team, but it would not cease for issuing ", Commented in & # 39; statements to Cooperativa, about who would have a conflict with & # 39; Luciano Aued, which is referred to as background departure from San José.

"If you do not want technical player, he tells him not to go and that'scross-border player ", increased & # 39; now, and also argued that" I can not going into details. There was a little problem, but do not know if just given. Nobody listened & # 39; something, do not know. Since I know what happened, "he said.

When passed, Alvarez was surprised by the fact that the technician left the UC bank. "I did not expect, but they are decisions to take something. See his convenience, what was best for him, what was best for the club. Perhaps he felt alone, & # 39; away from home, but what created his departure I do not know & # 39 ;, he said.

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