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Analysis | Apple Watch Series 4: the hidden jewel of & # 39; Apple | showcase


F & # 39; last September, was released a new version of Apple Watch, considered by many as the most interesting brand novelty, even before the new iPhone. It is the most tangible design smart meter has experienced since he left in 2015, with new proposals abroad and its functionalities, including health and exercise applications.

Analysis and evaluation

Analysis | Apple Watch Series 4: the hidden jewel of & # 39; Apple

Analysis | Apple Watch Series 4: the hidden jewel of & # 39; Apple

Since its introduction, użajnaha as an inseparable complement to the iPhone XS (here you & # 39; read our review published in & # 39; Banco de Pruebas, by EL Pais Escaparate, f & # 39; last October), and although it does not seem like her, the Apple Watch Series 4 has substantial differences in design regarding the generation of & # 39; before. The main one is having more larger screen (30%, according to Apple) to cut frames for almost ends. Equipped with & # 39; OLED technology, it shows images and texts b & # 39; very definite manner and provide level & # 39; brightness that allows you view perfectly outdoors, no matter how sun do. This increase in size means that there is room for more information and, therefore, new complications have been introduced, namely, the name by which Apple refers to applications that are increasingly visible in sphere.

technical data

screen: OLED touch with & # 39; Touch Force

box: 40 mm, 368 x 448 pixels, surface & # 39; 977 mm², weight 30.1 g; 44 mm 324 x 394 pixels, the surface area of ​​& # 39; 759 mm², thickness & # 39; 10.7 mm, weight 36.7 g

processor: S4 chip of & # 39; 64-bit dual and W3

Sensors and connectivity: Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS 4G LTE and UMTS, connection Bluetooth 5.0

compatibility: iOS

Benefits: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS

battery: Up to 18 hours of & # 39; autonomy.

Memory: Capacity & # 39; 16 GB

other: Water resistant

It is also supposed that the size of the boxes has changed. Before there were two versions: one & # 39; 38 millimeter (mm) and other & # 39; 42 mm. The Series 4, meanwhile, has grown to 40 mm or 44 mm. If not us, I hardly see it, because even served the same straps that were the generation watches & # 39; before.

As speaker, sounds sharper now and the microphone can & # 39; attract the best sound as distant from it. Thanks to these small changes, communications are better but, at least, f & # 39; As x & # 39; intersects with & # 39; calls, is still necessary that the device is very close to hear & # 39; and hear you well. Another thing they like features walkie-talkie, Which is more than enough.

new digital crown placed near – screen (the – wheel allows you to scroll by – apps and contents) with & # 39; of & # 39; haptic feedback system: thanks to a small engine, it generates a feeling of moving in stages, which helps a lot when traveling through & # 39; lists and applications.

On the edge of & # 39; this crown of the electrodes & # 39; electric sensor in & # 39; both parties. The other is on the back of Apple Watch Series 4 – that is f & # 39; contact with the wrist – and, its mix, allow to make electrocardiograms. This function, one of the most commented after the presentation of the device, help detect heart disease or metabolic alterations due to cardiac electrical activity. And talk provided because it is not yet available: it will come first in the United States and x & # 39; likely still to arrive late (if applicable) to Europe. What we can do now is & # 39; warnings if the timer detects that our heart rate is above or below a certain value.

Automatic recognition

Analysis | Apple Watch Series 4: the hidden jewel of & # 39; Apple

As before, the Apple Watch register & # 39; daily activity – steps, calories, distance, among other measurements -, enables receiving and answering calls and messages, is submersible and has GPS.

For all those who want to monitor the sport, added two new programs for yoga and walking. The most interesting novelty is that you & # 39; find when doing certain exercises and send a notification asking whether bdejnax training and we want to start recording. The running, walking and swimming available, the system works well and we ninsewha f & # 39; other cardiovascular activities. It is also activated when you think set (f & # 39; in this case, in any activity), but here we had another failure: for example, during a session of & # 39; yoga recommended to stop training when we are doing exercises & # 39; relaxation. For this function like others increase the ability to make contests with family and friends who have the device. It seems silly, but it serves to motivate and do more sport.

On the other hand, smartwatch you & # 39; to know if fallen and, if so, send warning you & # 39; only fear would be ignored or call & # 39; & # 39 emergency in; more serious cases. In fact, if for 60 seconds after the hit does not identify movement, making that call by jimlaha automatically with the location. This function, very interesting for people with & # 39; mobility or older problems, is activated during the initial configuration of the device in & # 39; people older than 65 and, in & # 39; people smaller, manually. Fortunately we do not mastering its usefulness.

finally independent

Although year Apple Watch Series 3 has already had LTE version, never arrived in Spain. F & # 39; this occasion, did so, allowing you to leave mobile home in & # 39; certain occasions and continue to receive calls or messages; something like especially when going to do sports.


Fitbit Versa (185 euro). Includes assistant & # 39; monitoring women's health designed to help understand the relationship between menstrual cycle and health and keep a detailed record & # 39; x & # 39; happens every day of the month. Read our review here

Samsung Galaxy Watch (302.81 euros). Available in & # 39; two sizes, has a 4G version thanks to you & # 39; hear & # 39; music which streaming, Connect wireless headphones and let the mobile home.

Fossil Q Gen 4 (258.98 euros). Submersible and a GPS, allows to download music directly on the device b & # 39; applications from third parties.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music (427.50 euros). It allows to store up to 500 song in its internal memory, including lists & # 39; games from the players or players app a & # 39; Deezer.

Instead of getting a normal SIM card slot, use a virtual duplicate phone. The bad news is that, for the moment, is only available with & # 39; Vodafone and Orange and m & # 39; there is no confirmation that this list will increase in time.

The independence of the Watch is also enhanced thanks to the presence of & # 39; Bluetooth 5.0, which allows immediate and direct communication with & # 39; & # 39 AirPod to hear; music or podcast. Neither Siri fails, but its functions are very limited and as requested something complicated, like "Who Dua Lipa?", Refers to the fact that smartphone.

Finally, let's talk about the configuration, but at & # 39; this type of & # 39; m usually means & # 39; no reference to it. F & # 39; in this case, it includes a processor S4 & # 39; 64-bit double that enables all tasks are carried out by & # 39; maximum speed. In model & # 39; 40 mm, which is what we had the opportunity to test a, the battery enable us to arrive at the end of the day with fluidity; more or less with & # 39; 20% autonomous energy into & # 39; having made a session & # 39; exercise. C & # 39; est why still mandatory daily load.

The best, the worst and conclusion

The best: It is comfortable to use and has a very complete functions.

The worst: Must be loaded daily and more expensive than other proposals.

verdict: a must have for users & # 39; the iPhone screen and stands out for its extensive features, though we ask for more autonomy and better speaker.


Apple Watch Series 4 GPS & # 39; 44 mm. Smartwatch b & # 39; OLED touch display Touch With Force; Case & # 39; 44 mm; S4 chip of & # 39; 64-bit dual and W3; Memory & # 39; 16GB; sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS 4G LTE and UMTS, and connection Bluetooth 5.0.

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