Saturday , December 4 2021

Android warns about 13 popular game in which malware


Thirteen applications for devices Android these apps were removed from the store and Google It asked its users to iħassarhom from their smartphones or tablets, since they contain malware. These apps, which were also presented as games, were actually designed to show advertisements when unlock your phone.

The applications were exposed Lukas Stefanko, ESET security researcher. He found more than a dozen applications in the official Google Play store, all created by mysterious developer named Luiz Pinto.

In addition, the applications were installed on Android devices more than 560,000 times. And according Stefanko, applications had "no legitimate functionality".

The fake games included "Simulator Cargo Truck"U"extreme Car driving"But none of them worked. Stefanko said that after the installation and opening, the application was hidden. Then, the download additional APK application, type & # 39; file for telephone applications Android, and jinstallah user. This new PDC was called Game Center, and continue & # 39; also hidden.

Then, every time the device came out, showed unsolicited advertisements. This will surely generate money for the developer of the application, to the detriment of the user.

Google spokesman said the applications were removed from Google Play Store.

Giving & # 39; safe experience for our users is our highest priority. We appreciate the researcher's report and their efforts to help Google Play is more secure. Applications violated our policies and removed from Play Store "

If you download any of the following applications, they recommend to install it as soon as possible:

  • Simulator Cargo Truck
  • Extreme Car Driving
  • City Traffic Moto Rally
  • Extreme Moto Cross
  • Hyper Car Driving Simulator
  • Extreme Simulator Automobile Driving
  • Firefighter – Simulator Fire Truck
  • Simulator of driving car
  • The extreme driving sports car
  • SUV 4 × 4 driving simulator
  • Parking Luxury car
  • Traffic of luxury car SUV
  • Parking of & # 39; SUV City Climb

If you find another application created by Luiz O Pinto, not downloaded or deleted if it has already done.

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