Wednesday , March 22 2023

Anecdote shows the powerful Ronda Rousey


When fighting or fighting anecdote tells about itself as well as the ever-partner It is interesting because they are often stories that few people know. F & # 39 most cases, they make us see a little more to them, part of their life or ways that are not normally show.

At the beginning of & # 39; last month, The Undertaker was doing talking about Mark Henry.

"(…) One day, during a tour, left hotel and I left for the morning bus trip & # 39; four & # 39; & # 39 hours in; other city. There was a time when the bus did not have enough space to continue flowing as car leaves. The owner was not there and do not know x & # 39; do. (…) Then Mark Henry acknowledged x & # 39; is happening: & # 39; I & # 39 niffissaha;. He left the bus (…) bear & # 39; jiġbedh the car and by the way (…) ".


This time the strongman talking, but he makes this about Ronda Rousey, in Busted Open Radio:

"Maybe it should not be on who will tell this story, but I will. I had a talk about receiving the stem cells to help the knee and my hip flexor. They operated on me and what they do is pierce the hip bones and extract the marrow. They create serum injettawh where necessary. They konvintiwni to do what I have. When point out, very painful Hassani like any surgery or injury that I had.

"Then I heard what Ronda Rousey did the same treatment, but without anesthesia. They pierced her hip and extracted stem cells while it was awake. Hurts & # 39 ;, but was unable to do so. I could not have done that. Nqajt b & # 39; that so much pain that I asked the nurse to sleep. And she għamletha awake? This will be counted as one of the most people with & # 39; world health"

Speaking & # 39; events, WWE wrestler of & # 39; before was doing the same thing recently.

Santino Marella and his funny anecdotti in WWE

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