Sunday , December 5 2021

Anef called "national strike" for Thursday, 6 & # 39; December to "constant layoffs"


For this Thursday, 6 & # 39; in December, the National Association of Tax Employees (Anef) decided to call a national strike & # 39; activities resulting from the constant layoffs recorded in recent weeks.

This was announced by the president & # 39; the ANEF, Carlos Insunza, who claimed that in recent weeks have been informed thousand dismissal, along with & # 39; those registered in & # 39; last October, which reached censuses of & # 39; $ 2,700.

"We understand that it is a response of & # 39; continuity to our struggle for job stability, and to accomplish the reason that has taken place from March to date by the government of President Sebastián Piñera," said Insunza.

The leader said that the agreement signed in 21 Circular of the Ministry of Finance, within the framework of negotiations for salary readjustment, which the Government has committed itself to the redundancies made with & # 39; way justified and remote, is not being protected. a & # 39; arbitrary.

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