Thursday , December 9 2021

Angola launches campaign against vertical transmission of HIV / AIDS


Luanda, 2 & # 39; December (Prensa Latina) The First Lady Ana Dias de Lourenzo launched free Nacer campaign to focus on the campaign to eliminate vertical transmission of HIV / AIDS (from mother to child) in the city & # 39; Luena, in southeast & # 39; Angola. informative today.

The event, which included March to raise society's awareness about this health problem, made on Saturday by & # 39; overlap with the World Day to Combat AIDS, on 1 & # 39; December.

The intention, explained Dias de Lourenzo under the TV version, is to halve in 2022 the rate of transmission of the disease from mother to child in the whole country.

The Health Minister, Silvia Lutucuta, said they intend to at least 90 percent of the 310,000 people living with HIV know the status & # 39; and carry out their HIV antiretroviral treatments.

He explained that about 21,000 women become pregnant without knowing their serological status. It is estimated that the country born about five thousand 500 children with the disease.

The campaign, which lasts three years, with plans to add people & # 39; individual capacity to help overcome barriers to further continue the stigma of discrimination.

This first lady initiative joins the National Institute strategies to fight AIDS and is based on the goals and global commitments made by the country, such as that adopted within the African Union to prevent vertical transmission before 2030

F & # 39; a seminar on the subject, held the last week in & # 39; Luanda, the coordinator of the UN System in Angola, Paolo Balladelli, said that all HIV transmission / AIDS children can & # 39; & # 39 b avoid, of the & # 39; quality health system

Balladelli stated that helps in & # 39; this feeling raise awareness for the prevention, treatment of pregnant women to know their serological situation and the discrimination of the sick. Angola has & # 39 system health & # 39; deficit.

According to UNAIDS in 2017, 27,000 children under 14 years lived in Angola. Rate & # 39; transmission between mother and child was estimated at 26 percent, the highest among the European Union for the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

However, it is – b & # 39; two percent – the lowest prevalence of & # 39; HIV / AIDS at the SADC.

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