Sunday , May 28 2023

Apple summarizes the production of X iPhone, because the XS is not selling as expected


Not bad.

It is a fact, iPhone sales XS is expected at Apple, the Wall Street Journal now inform, to give a sense of & # 39; great credibility to that information.

Not to sell a few, as opposed to, but not at the level & # 39; what was expected: super cycle in the iPhone 6 level.

Given & # 39; this, the Cupertino began an interesting move: Summary of production of the iPhone X.

But why? It happens that in the new commercial offer, that the terminal happened to be at a more affordable price and its demand has increased a lot, why Apple put the thermometer in the market and concludes that it is a good move to have more than this equipment.

It will be the last year, but compared to & # 39; other competitive models still very capable and also, though many hurt, iPhone is iPhone and its users are, by far, the most loyal. They will not change the company, especially in the United States, which dominates IMessage other applications & # 39; mobile messaging.

The iPhone X is not currently for sale, at least not officially on Apple, but there are sellers around the world to ask for more stock & # 39; this device that many see as a better option than the iPhone XR and a similar price in & # 39; some countries

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