Saturday , December 4 2021

Apple wants your money and prepare smart sheet


It's bigger than an iPad Pro. That is certain.

The name iSheet Make sounds as ridiculous as it explained itself. But it is better that they find strangers. As seems to be the new device being developed, in the offices of & # 39; Apple.

Although it is a provisional title, the boys & # 39; Patently Apple They showed that the company is developing smart sheet. It appears from the documents obtained and disseminated at:

iSheet Apple wants your money and prepare smart sheet

Sounds absurd and even overpriced. But in reality Apple newly registered idea of ​​technology that will constitute the iSheet.

Blanket with & # 39; 54 embedded sensors. Able to measure and analyze heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature; and that the evolution of our remaining among others.

as marker The patent registrations; of the & # 39; the iSheet connect wireless system & # 39; panel with touch screen control; Apparently iPad.

Where the platform shows all the records and indicators; about our rest and model & # 39; sleep

There is also an annex where intelligent discussion blanket can & # 39; includes a smart camera. To determine the position of our position and its variations.

Of course, since the patent is an absolute fact that Apple will market it. But they are able.

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