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Aquaman: keys first adventure overloaded


Tomorrow, the tape comes with & # 39; Jason Momoa, who stands out for its large doses of & # 39; Pyrotechnic and humor of his protagonist.

Wrapped in anticipation that only meet the major landmarks & # 39; season & # 39; Hollywood, Aquaman Arriving later in accordance with local cinemas, a week before his arrival in the United States and after reaching historical numbers in China, where it already accumulates USD 107 million.

Euforija supported by being the first single film about half Atlantis and half-human superhero, which debuted in League irregular Justice in 2017, which could give new impetus to the expanded universe of & # 39; DC. In its 143 minutes is large doses of & # 39; action and adventure that can not afford to show in detail the world of its protagonist (Jason Momoa), facing his stepbrother (Patrick Wilson).

* The Momoa factor

The player born in Hawaii, which won game of thrones, Makes the final leap to stardom by playing the King of Seven & # 39; Seas of its physical size and Karisma. He passes almost the humor of the film (taking selfies or throwing & # 39; references to Pinocchio), f & # 39; casual attitude to take an eye for film. In the drama is less convincing, but finding good chemistry with & # 39; Amber Heard.

* Drama Family

You can & # 39; also be interested in

As in Black Panther, in the history center of a dispute & # 39; kingdom which two are family men are fighting. F & # 39; in this case, men middle Arthur Curry / Aquaman and ORM, the youngest child & # 39; Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) which seeks to declare war on humans and to support the throne & # 39; Atlantis, misleading to Curry for "mestizo". Fight shown titanika, but that is diluted in & # 39; subploti and never reach the emotion & # 39 ;, for example, the film about the monarch & # 39; Wakanda.

* The roles of women

See Kidman hitting atlantianos with his trident, even for a few seconds, is equivalent to one small fedelti offering the tape. The same applies to Heard, that is something only one woman in & # 39; difficulty. They both fighters at the level & # 39; the Amazonas of & # 39; Wonder Woman, to consolidate one of the few points where the DC movies were able to win those & # 39; marvel.

* Traveling from Atlantis and the marine world

If there is anything to act for Aquaman, is to use the entire world under the water & # 39; colors and creatures. In his nearly two and a half m & # 39; there is room for savings, and there is also room for imposing Coliseum and are to be voice of & # 39; legendary Julie Andrews.

* The brand James Wan?

The biggest film name & # 39; commercial horror in recent years (The spell) comes to the world & # 39; superhero and at least does not fall. While saturated with fighting and immersion in the aquatic world, he manages to make a product easier and more fun than Batman vs Superman or Suicide Squadron. But it denounces expectation and delivering the film to something that does not surprise and, in addition to his achievements in office box, it will hardly be a precedent for superheroes in & # 39; Washington.

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