Monday , May 23 2022

Azealia Banks and Grimes may end state in the event & # 39; fraud Elon Musk


Remember the case of the never ending last year commenced after Azealia Banks will end at home Elon Musk for several days because it was supposed to record a song with Grimes and ends publish details of the couple on your Instagram? The most remarkable thing about the saga was not just that both Grimes and Musk called home for type & # 39; sexual affair (according Azealiao own), but Banks has seen some important moments for manager & # 39; Tesla, during the break the rapper home, sent a tweet to put in trouble, and now can & # 39; be part of evidence of possible fraud with the actions of technological giant.

according to Bloomberg, Investors seeking Musk Tesla asking citation to both Grimes (Aka Claire Boucher) as banks because they have been with Musk at the time of his tweet on the share prices of & # 39; Tesla, and can testify about his mental state.

Also, thanks to investigative journalism Banking, there are places of Instagram and messages on the tweet in question. Basically, the question arises & # 39; if Musk has chosen a price of & # 39; shares & # 39; & # 39 by Tesla; USD 420 USD in & # 39; last August because he legitimately thought it was a fair market price or because he was making reference to marijuana. Moreover, in & # 39; those tweets & # 39; August, he also wrote that he had obtained private funding for the company, which was false, and thus deceived shareholders.

Apparently the lawyer Musk, Kristy Dean, Asking the judge to refuse subpoenas, arguing that they attempt to jissensazzjonalizzaw more history, and it is unknown whether the singers actually declare in jucio, but the truth is that Azealia Banks Keep sharing the gossip via Instagram. According Azealia f & # 39; location (already deleted), Kristy tried to manipulate his phone.

"This was written by attorney & # 39; Elon Musk, Dean Kristy. Not enough to take my phone and try to manipulate the evidence, jiddisprezzawni still if they did not have enough evidence. More dirt spread over Elon. Think of this is a game. Now I'm very sad by the fact that your lawyer declares b & # 39; false way ħdejt, after vindikat both incidents with & # 39; Russell Crowe and Jack Dorsey. Extremely might ugly & # 39; is many things, but a liar is not one of them. Elon will know as soon as the single most powerful of the two. "

Ooooh Things are heated.

After reading, x & # 39; you think?

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