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Barbara Valentin, the sex bomb still in love with & # 39; Freddie Mercury and akkumpanjatlu in its excesses and TV Show


Despite the extravagant personality showed on stage, Freddie MERCURIand was reserved man with few true friends. In fact, only two people managed to really know him.

Mary Austin, His young girlfriend, was one of them and who is considered his wife. The other was Jim Hutton, the man with whom he spent & # 39; his last six years.

And although Mary and Jim were the most important lovers & # 39; their lives, they were not the only ones. Mercury had an extensive list of & # 39; lovers, including men and women, many of whom did not have a major impact on their fate, except for one: Barbara Valentin.

Valentin was an Austrian actress & # 39; soft porn compared to & # 39; Brigitte Bardot in Germany, where she lived with & # 39; her daughter. F & # 39; that country, met & # 39; to & # 39; Freddie in the early 80s, when he traveled to Munich to find inspiration for his first album.

Mercury was enchanted with the city and & # 39; Barbara, that he met & # 39; with & # 39; gay album. The connection was immediate and the two became close friends.

Barbara Valentin
Barbara Valentin

"Mom was a night owl, was closely associated with the gay scene and spoke English (…) She did not know anything about Queen, she did not know her music, so Freddie was normal for a man ", Said daughter & # 39; actress, Minki Reichardt, the German newspaper Bild.

Barbara was the antithesis of & # 39; Mary and became the partner & # 39; Freddie for its intense nights & # 39; excess.

The actress was exuberant and b & # 39; a strong personality that attracted the singer,
even, according bijografu of & # 39; Freddie, Lesley Ann Jones, Valentin had a significant influence on the life and work of & # 39; Mercury.

"She and Freddie met in Munich when the Queen was there in register 84, were issued and set up house together," said Jones. "Barbara was the love of his life and was like: were the mirror & # 39; other. She komplementatha b & # 39; every imaginable way – sexually, psychologically, f & # 39; any way. He absolutely loved her, "Jones assured the press
British newspaper The Telegraph.

However, the girl & # 39; the actress does not match & # 39; this declaration and to ensure that the couple did not have sex. "Both were very close & # 39; another, a & # 39; often remained silent in the same bed, but did not have sex ', Condemned to Reichardt in & # 39; at that time was 17 years.

Freddie and Barbara in 1984
Freddie and Barbara in 1984

According to Reichardt, the music & # 39; Queen was not to his liking in & # 39; at that time, but he asked Freddie wise and generous man. "F & # 39; those days, I began afraid at night and, of course, as a youth, I asked my mother for money. Then she said to Freddie:" Let Freddie, have little money. "Freddie sought his tight jeans, I took a card and put it in & # 39; hands. This was & # 39; was & # 39; 10 mark or & # 39; 100 note, knew nothing about the German currency and money did not really important to him, "he said.

But while Mercury and Barbara were going, near the singer did not see the relationship with & # 39; good eye and accused the woman to the musician excesses with drugs and alcohol.

But the warnings were not & # 39; great importance to Freddie, who even wrote a song for actress and invited to appear in the video. it is about Life is tough, One of the most awkward clips of the band, which prevented the rest of the remaining members.

Barbara had opened her mind and Freddie managed to understand who was really and what is really needed, so when he met & # 39; to & # 39; someone else, he accepted it and confident tiles and remained friends.

"He was with her, not with & # 39; Mary Austin, when she was diagnosed with AIDS, in 1987. He spent & # 39; everything is & # 39; Barbara, not with & # 39; Mary. Mary x & # 39; elsewhere, I think probably pregnant, "added bijografu. "Mary was not the nearest person in the last days of life"he added.

However, when Freddie died in 1991, Barbara received a call to ask not to tattendix the funeral. "Could not even there for his funeral," noted in the book & # 39; Jones, Mercury: Intimate Biography of & # 39; Freddie Mercury.

Jim Hutton, Barbara Valentin & Freddie Mercury in 1989
Jim Hutton, Barbara Valentin & Freddie Mercury in 1989

"After all we've lived together. The pain was terrible. Never tegħlebha. Never had love like that crossed with & # 39; Freddie before, and I never had again ", he added.

"It was the great love of my life. It remains so. 20 women to live a hundred years each to have what I had. It is better to stop in time. Loved that he made too," ended.

After the death of & # 39; Barbara, the woman continued to live in Germany live with & # 39; daughter, until she died of & # 39; stroke in 2002.

Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentin
Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentin
Barbara Valentin and Freddie Mercury
Barbara Valentin and Freddie Mercury

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