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Beware of & # 39; the deceit & # 39; that means "I know that it looks at the photo of your profile"


Beware users & # 39; WhatsApp, one dangerous viral scam affected thousands of people in the world, Fill your phones unwanted advertising and even grabbing your data Rescue requires cash.

A few weeks ago the application "Tracker Profile for WhatsApp" back to the store for smartphones Android system, Promising to allow its users to "know who looks at the picture of your profile" in the service & # 39; popular messaging.

It should be noted that at the beginning of 2018 App qarrab already hundreds of users, As in & # 39; April and June of the same year, But again & # 39; Other He again & # 39; damaging thousands of & # 39; people who did not know of its existence.

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During the last days of December, different accounts on social networks began to commend the application to check who has looked or download the picture to your profile.

Next, featured videos of influencers on YouTube and even some media They fell to the charm of & # 39; Profile Tracker.

But everything turned out cheat, where the downloaded application start filling your phone with & # 39; advertising – earn & # 39; money at the expense of data tiegħek- or to capture private information in exchange for a fee, using & # 39; ransomware.

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According to experts, "Profile for WhatsApp Tracker" with real data show about contacts reviewed picture of your profile, simply select five or more contacts with your calendar & # 39; randomized and assigned them alleged data.

Application Use the access of the user navigation for loading advertising on your mobile, Without consent and delivery false clicks to generate money.

also, captures private information via & # 39; ransomware, after seeking an amount of & # 39; money as "Ransom" releasing the data obtained.

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