Sunday , May 28 2023

Camila Vallejo and Carol Kariola demanded justice for Catrillanca in Copihue de Oro


The deputies of the Communist Party Camila Vallejo and Carol Kariola surprised on the red carpet & # 39; Copihue de Oro, which raised the Mapuche flag to seek justice.

Kariola and Vallejo appeared in gala with & # 39; T-shirts in homage Gladys Marín and Pedro Lemebel which, according to those explained, "are social fighters of art, policy and we believe it was important to nġibuhom as our own nominations".

When asked by the Mapuche flag, Kariola remarked "We can not lose sight of justice for the Mapuche people and especially Camilo Catrillanca"

Camilo Catrillanca died after being shot in the head by the so-called "Jungle Command". The event took place when the young Mapuche drove the tractor & # 39; minor.

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