Wednesday , July 28 2021

Can not see the Lunar Eclipse? See here the live signal

This Sunday, theto Luna, the Earth and the Sun will arise in a lunar eclipse the only time this year and next. Moreover, adds that the Moon will be closer to Earth, and thus appear larger and brighter than usual, a event is known as a "supermoon."

In detail, the penumbra will start at 23: 36 (Local time), f & # 39; what time the shadow of World starts next the surface of the moon. The eclipse will begin at 0:33 Monday morning, According to – information supplied by – NASA.

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F & # 39; at that time, the edges of the Moon orbits slightly reddish, Something which is known by & # 39; informal way as "blood moon".

These phenomena will be visible in Chile in the night & # 39; Sunday, 20 & # 39; January.

The total eclipse will begin at 1:41 am and will reach your peak in '02: 12 am, Time when the Moon is closest to the center of the shadow to red, because of the sunlight reflected in the Earth's atmosphere.

It is estimated that the length & # 39; total eclipse lasts 62 minutes. The phenomenon can & # 39; seems as if the sky is clear, both in North America & # 39; On and in the America & # 39; South. Until, in Europe, in Asia and in the east, west and center of the African eclipse will appear partial form.

If you can not see this astronomical show, check the online sign here.

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