Thursday , December 9 2021

Carabinero arrested for murder & # 39; Catrillanca says they were "made to lie" in the National declarations


One former Carabineros officers implicated in the killing of komunier Mapuche, Camilo Catrillanca, controversial video recorded inside the police station where he is being held.

This is the sergeant in retirement Carlos Alarcon, who in the audiovisual record, known afternoon & # 39; this Sunday, ensuring that there are still records that have come up.

In pictures, Alarcon did not refer directly to the death of & # 39; Catrillanca, but ensure that it was not criminal, and stresses that must not show the image of the police institution which was stained.

Of course, now eżuniformat and prosecution & # 39; Homicide says that there were people who made him lie and give false statements, which were part of the background still be known about this case, completing the komunero life & # 39; 24 years, has been hit back when he was on a tractor during a police operation in & # 39; Laucanía.

"You know that m & # 39; I am a criminal or anyone here, so here are people who made us, we gave a false statement and now we are the most harmful, the most dangerous citizenship", he said.

"There are people here made us, we gave false statements and now we have the worst"

– Carlos Alarcon

The last week, Radio BIO had exclusive access to the document provided by Garrido prosecutor to request arrest & # 39; Patricio Alejandro Sepúlveda Muñoz, Braulio Andrés Valenzuela Aranguiz, Carlos Roberto Alarcon Molina and Raúl Evaristo Ávila Morales.

According to the document, the ballistics report determined that the projectile bullets striking Camilo Catrillanca would be coming from the weapon & # 39; Carlos Alarcon.

archive | Héctor Andrade | UN Agency
archive | Héctor Andrade | UN Agency

However, according to El Mercurio, Alarcon told Roberto Garrido prosecutor found himself looking at the tractor in which the komuneru was traveling, f & # 39; distance & # 39; no more than 10 or 12 meters and when he watched it wissah to a halt, while the vehicle is indicated with his service weapon.

In his story, he added that the tractor ran & # 39; forward and f & # 39; that moment took the decision to expel the shooting. "I'm 100% sure I pointed back to a metal shovel. My idea was to get them to stop. For me, the area emerged was an area of ​​& # 39; safe shooting," explained.

Carlos Alarcon stated that the advanced vehicle a few meters, then stopped and people got on hand. It was then that exuniformado approached the tractor and saw that there was someone who had a wound on the head.

Although it is claimed that they were killed, according to the newspaper, he acknowledged that "the people who were on the tractor rimettux on us."

The lawyer Alexander Schneider, representative of four & # 39; accused carabinieri, announced that it will appeal the resolution of & # 39; precautionary determined preventive detention uniform.

Carlos Agurto | RBB
Carlos Agurto | RBB

Oficialismo calls with tiġġeneralizzax

As the ruling party called not to ġġeneralizzax the institution & # 39; Carabineros, following the decision of & # 39; preventive detention for four & # 39; former officials involved in the death of & # 39; Catrillanca.

The deputy & # 39; Evopoli, Andrés Molina, said that the decision should be respected and called for this fact with ġġenalizzax.

On the other hand, the deputy of the PPD, Andrea Parra, said that justice should act "no matter who comes" and added that aggravates the crisis & # 39; trust has Carabineros.

According to public surveys & # 39; Cadem, where it was announced that 55% of the Chilean population disagrees with work & # 39; Carabineros, which comes & # 39; 28 points with respect to previous results.

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