Saturday , June 25 2022

Carabinero is stabbed after trying to wipe out attack


A Principal Chief of the Carabineros was stabbed afternoon & # 39; this Wednesday while trying tirripellha attack in the municipality of & # 39; Ecentral Station.

The uniform was stabbed twice, was wounded in the abdomen and chest, a species subject to try to steal a vehicle on Ecuador Street.

The small official, identified as Julián López Eduardo FICA and is in charge of institutional university pensioners, was stabilized by medical staff Place 3 and then transferred to hospital institution.

The mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Karla Rubilar, Regretted the situation and explained that the uniform hold serious with reserved prognosis. He also stated that the Carabinieri undergo laparotomy, a procedure that allows doctors to observe whether the wounds stabbiġin some of their organs.

The authority also confirmed that the officer was not commissioned civilian clothes at the time tried to repel the attack and ensure that there were cameras set up, which were already being reviewed by the Prosecutor's Office.

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