Wednesday , December 8 2021

CARABINEROS: THE COURT Nicolas were dismissed with "PROBLEMS universities"


Staff managed to save Carabineros GOPE Nicolás Court, A young university student who had been lacking on the last Tuesday when leaving his home in & # 39; La Dehesa, the municipality of & # 39; Lo Barnechea.

According to Lt. Carabineros Javier Rey Gonçalves, the person & # 39; 22 years had "university problems which had abandoned his house ".

Uniform keep it "The situation has generated some degree of & # 39; frustration."

After contact with & # 39; his father on Thursday, uniform came sector & # 39; Los Domo, in Quebrada El Manzano, to reach the area where the Court stated that it had seized.

The rescue was & # 39; success and Court It f & # 39; fitness, But in any case be transferred to a health center to make examinations.

The troops confirmed that the university student come into the sector without adequate implementation kuratordillerjan to stay & # 39; in the area for a long time.

Since it lost contact with him, relatives, friends and his university community network committed campaign to try to find it.

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