Tuesday , August 9 2022

Case Catrillanca: Ex Sergen accused the boss and the attorney & # 39; GOPE prompting lie


The former sergeant Carlos Alarcon accused the lawyer Cristián Inostroza to order him to giving false testimony as to what happened in operation which member of the community Camilo Catrillanca was assassinated, 14 & # 39; in November.

as delivered ThirdF & # 39; one of his statements, Alarcón identified Inostroza and Major Manuel Valdivieso, then head of GOPE in the region, as the instigators behind the version given by the uniform, claiming that carry cameras.

Under the terms of & # 39; Alarcón, the version was agreed in & # 39; meeting at the police station & # 39; Paillahueque, trapping "last for about an hour before has witnessed the Office of the Prosecutor & # 39; Collipulli and during that time Cristián Inostroza lawyer told us what we had to say and greater Valdivieso appoġġjah. Also in & # 39; that occasion the lawyer Inostroza asked us if we were cameras. Raúl Ávila said he was walking with a camera and before that Inostroza the lawyer told us that the version is that nobody goes with cameras. "

"In the 16 & # 39; in November, my Director General of the Carabineros Hermes Soto reached Pailahue, and ardent account to tell my General the truth & # 39; what happened, but Inostroza lawyer and my older Valdivieso. they insisted that I keep version rrimarkawna that at the beginning ", he recalled.

"My elder saw me very complicated and caught my attention, he tried to undermine me, he told me he was calm, everything would be fine, but When I ngħidilha the truth, asked me, I want to go to jail? He told me that m & # 39; is weak and remain & # 39; sound ", Said the official of the Carabineros that now was the first.

It should be noted that Alarcon present for pretrial detention for your participation in the event.

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