Friday , December 3 2021

Castillo gestures Shadows & # 39; La Moneda to DC: The Secretary shall withdraw from the act of the National Cancer Plan


The undersecretary Network & # 39; assistance in Santelices arrived with Minister & # 39; La Moneda, where President Sebastián Piñera launched the National Cancer Policy and announced the Law on Cancer. However, at the time of the ceremony, was shown by his absence. The fact is interpreted as a gesture to DC, party fully maintains its place the Government to remove it from its position, and considers coverage for the murder of his iconic figure, former President Eduardo Frei Montalva.

The controversy provoke the name of the Secretary of Network & # 39; Assistance Luis Castillo in opposition, b & # 39; in particular the Christian Democracy, yet unforgettable. It was approved in the day in the absence of number 2 Minsal in trend held in & # 39; La Moneda where President Sebastián Piñera made the launch of the National Cancer Policy and announced the Law Cancer, two major initiatives for the Government.

The curious thing about the situation was that Castillo arrived at the Palace, accompanying the Health Minister Emilio Santelices. Come together, and went from door & # 39; Calle Moneda. They crossed the Patio de Los Cañones, passed the yard and came to participate in the reception to guests is usually carried out at the Palace before the official guidelines in the room Montt Varas. But when the ceremony began, the undersecretary was no longer present, that drew attention.

The ceremony was led by President Piñera and Minister Santelices. Also present were the Secretary General of the Presidency, Gonzalo BLUMEL, the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, as well as senators, deputies, mayors and members & # 39; medical and scientific organizations, patient organizations and members civil society.

The world of the opposition attended the PPD Senator and Chairman of the Health Committee of the House of & # 39; America, and Sen. Guido Girardi Carolina Goic DC, one of the lawyers with the most & # 39; health of the need for cancer law at the country level. . The parliamentarians, consulted by La Tercera reasons for the lack of & # 39; Castillo, said he did not know the reasons. "When he came what was finally turning a blind eye," he said.

Castillo, who returned to Minsal to repeat the dish in the Network undersecretary & # 39; assistance, carries his back b & # 39; ethics policy dilemma and judicial, as is its implication in Frei Montalva event. Since DC and family Frei declaring it as undesirable because they consider it as a cover for murder & # 39; former President Eduardo Frei Montalva to disguise the autopsy of the emblematic leader.

Putting his figure caused friction between the government & # 39; Piñera and DC, and despite the recent voting approaches on many accounts, in Falangja did not give their arm to loosen when it comes to Castillo. In fact, a few weeks ago, on the occasion of the judgment of the Constitutional Court rejected the defendant's appeal Pedro Valdivia, who sought to prolong the case, DC and Frei family insisted on the spot government to remove the Secretary of his office. Such acts "by respect and prudence".

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