Thursday , December 9 2021

"Chico David" jinkweta about the state & # 39; his health: "I am immensely account & # 39; pain" Society


After the photos posted on social networks, which showed the complicated moment lives David Díaz, The humorista came to move to refer the situation to share.

A few days ago, Anita Moadned, One of her friends, shared current image which appears gray in & # 39; wheelchair.

"I've been long, but now it was worse. I am in immense pain (…) I was b & # 39; pulmonary edema had ten days in hospital (…) After it gave him to me again and I was in the hospital for two days, f & # 39; September. He made bad ", revealed during a conversation with & # 39; La Cuarta.

On the blindness caused by diabetes, Díaz said that "I am accustomed, I see little, I lost 80% vision, but it's something that I have to know how to live"

The comedian also spoke about the "memories" to be about his television career and thanked the support of the people to enjoy his time in "Morandé with Company"

"Many are sad about my situation, But one on this earth is passing and want to know how to take it ", he concluded.

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