Friday , March 24 2023

Chile: in the controversial separation between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara: shock for Argentina



After hearing the news that the PSG player and his representative, now Eugenia Suárez, the ex-wife of the national actor Benjamin Vicuña, appears in the story, all of which stand out as the fundamental piece of the breakup of the controversial couple.

Trans-Andean media point to Eugenia Suárez, Benjamín Vicuña's ex-wife, as the protagonist of the bankruptcy of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi


Trans-Andean media point to Eugenia Suárez, Benjamín Vicuña’s ex-wife, as the protagonist of the bankruptcy of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

“Bomb: Mauro and Wanda have separated, shame on us! We hope they get through it. There’s a third in the contest and I’m shocked.” Argentina which they did Mauro Icardi u Wanda Nara, in information you write journalist Ker Weinstein.

In an open secret that had been circulating in Argentina for days, Wanda Nara herself ends up confirming the breakup of their relationship on social networks, albeit with a controversial message pointing to another woman:“Another family I charged for a bitch!”, he points out.

According to the press, the one aimed at possible infidelity is Eugenia Suárez, known as “China”, which is also a public name in Chile due to its relationship with the national actor Benjamin Vicuña.

Too The separation of the Argentine actress with Vicuña was recently confirmedThus, the rumors of new couples were always present in the picture on the other side of the Cordillera.

For the same reason, they say that after the separation of Benjamín Vicuña – in another controversy that set the trans-Andean country on fire -, Suárez went to Europe, where he now involves herwith the break of the moment in the world of entertainment and football.

Although no one came out to confirm the information, the media highlighted rare movements on Instagram that caused conclusions. Like, for example, that Wanda Nara continued and liked all the “China” Suárez publications, until a few days ago when he stopped following her, something unimaginable because of the great admiration she had for him.

The same goes for his ex-partner, Mauro Icardi with whom he does not maintain a link through social networks, who was confirming the separation of the controversial couple, who began their relationship when Nara was married to football player Maxi López and Icardi was his best friend.

In all this movement of social networks, it is also latent that the actor of the PSG He also stopped following Suárez, in a story that promises to have more chapters to find out the truth of the facts.

It’s more, because too many ask what Icardi will do with the tattoos on his arm, with Wanda’s name and a photo.

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