Saturday , December 4 2021

Christiane Endler is included among the 60 best football in the world Sports


The Chilean Golera Christiane Endler further increase gains this year. If a few days ago was chosen as the sixth best in the world Archer, f & # 39; this opportunity was included among the top 60 player in the world.

The English site The Guardian, is the national goal 53 place in the world, Whereas it was emphasized as "a & # 39; best portinieri of & # 39; This year the world"

The same media add about football krejol that "kept 11 times cleaner for his club (PSG) this year and has been entrusted to & # 39; big matches against its rivals, but probably she remembered better. for his role in helping Chile qualify for its first World Cup"

"She kept goal four & # 39; times and Copa America Women so it was sensational in a recent friendly against Australia when put Chile 3-2, "added the site.

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