Sunday , May 28 2023

Coloma publicly gave his support to Macaya "choose new energy and its ability to form teams"


One week after the internal elections of the UDI, the senator Juan Antonio Coloma, Publicly his support Javier Macaya possible future president of UDI instead of the present representative Jacqueline van Rysselberghe.

"F & # 39; this point and between two good candidates, choose the misticiżmu, the new energy and the ability to form teams & # 39; Javier Macaya"He remarked.

"Talk & # 39; Jacqueline. I told him that, as the world is changing and Chile, the UDI also required new energy (…) Felli loyal lejnha, was mutual. I have the best relationship, but this does not rule out to think. The day nħassar to think what is convenient for the UDI, will not I would join my ideal. And these are political considerations, b & # 39; in particular the right. "

Whether the meeting of former Mayor peninsula with & # 39; Jair Bolsonaro ġabetx its support for Macaya, Coloma revealed that "I expected to lose Haddad, but the going had to be part of an internal discussion. It is one thing to expect a candidate to win and another is to identify with & # 39; what he said in the countryside that did not represent me"He said The Mercury

He added that the winner relationship with government must be positive. "I see no difference copernikana between the two lists regarding the relationship with the Government. The UDI had a good relationship. The role in the future is to contribute new ideas, which ever government feels that the UDI is reliable element "

"The most important thing first is to try to develop the coincidences; see how we can match and influenced. The governance approach is not easy and when there is distance, always want to nżidha in private. If it is essential to do it publicly, make public "he added.

Finally, Coloma concluded that "We try to ensure that the Government has as much as & # 39; be the principles of the UDI; I am the first I have more UDI, a & # 39; that m & # 39; no doubt. Jaime Guzmán always been very opposed for someone who was talking about there was "Guzman." he considered that this was the total failure of the project, because it is based solely on people, until that last person ".

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