Tuesday , March 21 2023

Commander & # 39; Army appears Friday in the Ministry of Defense for the sale of & # 39; weapons to organized crime


The Minister for Defense, Alberto Espina, reported on Thursday that the Commander of the Army in Chief Ricardo Martinez will appear in front of his office to explain his claims on alleged sales & # 39; weapons to drug traffickers from officials & # 39; that office. institution

"Call to General Martinez, to submit a report on this issue, the government & # 39; His Excellency, the President Sebastián Piñera, is committed to a full administrative transparency," said Espina of the office defense, after the revelations of the weekly "The Clinic".

He reiterated that such returns "are already ġudikalizzati" and that occurred in the past & # 39; institution. "The Commander in Chief & # 39; the Army told him that he referred to events in the past, who are in the military justice".

Alberto Espina GENTILEZA

At the Aula Magna & # 39; Military School, the chief commander of & # 39; Army, Ricardo Martinez, spoke "without eufemisms" to nine & # 39; hundred officials on Tuesday and showed the unprecedented links between some of the men under exclusively weekly "The Clinic".

"We have information that there is an official and permanent kadre to buy weapons through & # 39; legal channels, then give them lost, but what they are doing is selling groups of & # 39; drug dealers, criminals." This is what we are talking about, "added the commander. Of & # 39; that fundamental branch of the Armed Forces.

Given that "unfortunately," Martinez called the recent departure of & # 39; twenty high command genre, a measure that President Piñera took after the scandal & # 39; the overpricing of & # 39; & # 39 fares; air and per diem. Martinez said that m & # 39; no irregular acts in the institution.

Confirmation commander "over time the internal regulations did not comply with the laws and led to administrative errors which are currently being investigated by the Comptroller General of the Republic, f & # 39; sentences & # 39; accounts where those affected to return the amounts in question, sometimes up to two hundred million pesos. "

In his speech to speak openly, Martinez pointed out that after the crisis caused by multiple blockages held in the institution, there will be other cases linked by & # 39; in particular with & # 39; funds Law of Copper Reserved.

The senator for Antofagasta and journalist, Alejandro GUILLIER, also ippronunċa himself on the particular delicate, f & # 39; these terms:

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