Saturday , February 4 2023

Comments Acid Carlos Nair to Cecilia Bolocco


Carlos Nair He did not let puppet with his head during his visit program Intrużuri (Argentina), which revealed details x & # 39; was his trip to the country after operation & # 39; Máximo.

No hair on the tongue, the child & # 39; former president called Cecilia Bolocco a & # 39; "Provocative".

"My father has to ask for permission thousand, when giving him, the closure has passed, my father had planned to return on Tuesday, but the first day arrived, with ħallewhx watched." Cecilia had asked the families to share. all day and did not attend, and said "well, going even back tomorrow and see it", He pointed.

"They told us that only a father can & # 39; watched, we went to accompany him, went, we stennewh, came with & # 39; Cecilia, the doctor left happy because it was happy, and Cecilia started talking bad about Zulemita and me, dad . he said exactly what he said and things are not good, he will have time to speak ill of us, it is provocative, they left saying he did not want seen, thanked Chile, but not to Argentina, and here became a chain a & # 39; prayer ", He added.

Of & # 39; noted that within his controversial statements he emphasized that in all the negative aspects, the key was to save & # 39; brother went smoothly. "The good thing is released well from the operation", He stated.

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