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Compare the stories of & # 39; Your best apps Instagram b & # 39; nothing


When Instagram incorporated the stories, users of the platform we have demonstrated something skeptical. That is already a & # 39; very far away, the same distance as Snapchat, which has many application itself but it seems that has disappeared from our terminal almost entirely. Today we get the same Applications b & # 39; anything for stories & # 39; Instagram made necessary.

When Facebook acquired Instagram, made changes to get an app that fully integrated without treatment previously. However, it seems that the uses that we give to this tool are increasingly similar to production & # 39; Hollywood. The most thanks to external tools managed to make a lot of stories More complete than Snapchat raise.

Today we get some of the apps that allow you to distinguish yourself from other users and will bring a little closer to the red carpet of the Oscars. Ideal to combine with & # 39; those who already use for editing & # 39; the images passing in your profile.

Conduct is basic to get some Polaroid style & # 39; visual consistency

Tools like Unfold allows creating & # 39; visually beautiful and simple content. In fact, if you want to create highlights and do not know how, is a good way to start. The app allows you to put white frame in & # 39; 9:16 format for your photos and add text. Although the available fonts are quite scarce, are not enough for professional use.

Also, by not need an account, it is to enter, select and download the photo frame (or sharing it directly). It is complex and its simplicity is the most impressive. The resulting photographic aesthetics is very reminiscent of & # 39; Polaroid style what you want so another reason why we are loving this app.

Applications b & # 39; anything for stories & # 39; Instagram

It is also possible to do the same with & # 39; videos, and though no & # 39; no filters directly in the application, the mere fact that one through the app any content homogenize your content Stories.

Version: 3.4

Author: Unfold Creative LLC

Requires 5.1 and later

The app uses all influential worth his salt: VSCO

Although VSCO takes time to download on Google Play, still does not go out of style. In fact, there are many image editing platforms available but nobody managed to overcome the present. It still men because its filters are impeccable.

As always, if they pay you a lot more (including video editing), but we promise not need to leave something to the pictures that you will use in your stories are vintage style & # 39; big success .

Do not think small. Use VSCO first and then pitch to get better results.

Applications b & # 39; anything for stories & # 39; Instagram

It does not allow many settings to tinker with if you want to spend & # 39; time & # 39; edit: clarity, saturation, tuna division, exposure, contrast or corn (And & # 39; who is using the latest). But the easiest thing is to walk through the filters and choose the one you like the most.

Our recommendation? Always use the same filter, both in stories and in your publications. This will make your profile with & # 39; enviable stuff.

Version: 87

Author: VSCO

Requires 4.4 and later

Size: It changes according to the equipment.

Do not use the Abuse & # 39; Fyuse, but it aqlaha

Applications b & # 39; anything for stories & # 39; Instagram

We were not too sober & # 39; this peak & # 39; Apps for stories, so here comes Fyuse. Although this platform is sold as a tool to take Photos space in three dimensions, The thing is simpler. You only have a very short video recording with camera & # 39; app, and as a result have a feeling GIF & # 39; gained quite profound.

This tool goes further and It also works as a social network. Not only can & # 39; to create these small assemblies, you & # 39; also grow on the platform and consumes material from other users. You & # 39; follow the profiles you want to see more and credits & # 39; great success. It universe to discover and submerge them, can & # 39; become vice.

Undoubtedly, what many nħobbna about Fyuse is its aesthetics. We are not used to see the proposals & # 39; now the conventional. The most curious thing is to choose not jimitax big ones, and display. Take a look because you & # 39; tħobbha.

Applications b & # 39; nothing to Instagram stories, become the best

Version: 4.5.8

Author: Fyusion, Inc.

Requires 4.4 and later

Size: It changes according to the equipment.

among other basic apps b & # 39; anything for stories of & # 39; the Instagram: OVER

Our other favorites. Among – Applications b & # 39; anything for stories & # 39; Instagram, Surprise the bet & # 39; S & # 39 OVER; we can do it? Creations by large & # 39; a very professional aesthetics. The first thing is to choose the model that we want. F & # 39; in this case, vertical format & # 39; the stories of & # 39; Instagram app that gives itself. The next step is to let yourself be borne by your inspiration. Add images, video or text and tikkonjugja everything.

Applications b & # 39; nothing to Instagram stories, become the best

All that glitters is not gold. Although this tool has its free version, there are certain limitations we can only unlock by accessing the PRO version (We can try for a few days b & # 39; none). OVER itittiva with us & # 39; complete feed & # 39; patterns that we can not access it, but it can & # 39; Our help us build from scratch.

These types of & # 39; applications are very useful in & # 39; If you send a message to your followers. Users & # 39; Instagram tend to write the tools platform itself, so it is a good way to distinguish yourself and get more dynamic and appealing messages. In addition, you have at your disposal a large number of & # 39; free sources combine to go.

Version: Varies according to equipment.

Author: Over

Requires Varies according to the device.

Size: It changes according to the equipment.

Draw and share your work with Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Left this application until the end because it is only suitable for those who have more skill with a brush. Tool & # 39; & # 39 drawing; Adobe which, once registered, we can create with total freedom. which will have a blank canvas brush & # 39; all sorts and different layers to work with. For many it will be crazy to invest time in creating & # 39; artistic pieces available only for 24 hours. And although you & # 39; use it to that end, Adobe Photoshop Sketch we like the freedom that brings. For the more creative is the ideal app. In all other & # 39; before there are certain limitations, and just the opposite happens here. The limits are set by your imagination.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch allows you to see the process of creating & # 39; some designs made on the application, authentic works & # 39; art

This application & # 39; get Adobe precision obtained with your brushes, yes, work on small screens can & # 39; be uncomfortable. It was obvious, but if you want to spend & # 39; afternoon is drawing the same best select tablet. And if we have the app, in both the smartphone and the tablet, we can educate our project wherever we are. When we ended, is as simple as its record and upload stories in format to our Instagram profile.

Applications b & # 39; anything for stories & # 39; Instagram

If you want to look, in tab "Community sketches" you & # 39; to see what some people are capable of with Adobe Photoshop Sketch. authentic works & # 39; art that encourage you to take the painter inside.

Version: 2.2.253

Author: Adobe

Requires 5.0 and later

Size: It changes according to the equipment.

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