Wednesday , March 22 2023

construction workers and their families were thrilled with & # 39; works to win the award in & # 39; Punta Arenas


construction workers and their families were thrilled with & # 39; works to win the award in & # 39; Punta Arenas

  • "El Sueno de MO" and "Gemelos", both recognized by the Chilean Construction Chamber at the Cultural Center & # 39; Punta Arenas.

One of the fundamental tasks of national drammaturgy, like "Gemelos", and family stop "El Sueno de MO", were theatrical pieces presented by the Chamber of Construction Chilean (CChC) f & # 39; day double held on Saturday focused on workers in the construction sector and their families, in which 500 people participated.

Cristóbal Bascuñan, President of the Social Council of CChC Punta Arenas, commented that "we are very pleased that we can open cultural spaces in our city and the employees of our partner companies can have access to these events, especially works & # 39; this artistic quality., presented one of the most important companies in the country and internationally recognized as Teatro Cinema ".

The first day, presented in & # 39; south, focused on young ones, who could enjoy b & # 39; "The dream & # 39; MO", staging to invite to travel, dream and open up the imagination hands & # 39; friendship, MO, passing through different landscapes in which will live entertaining adventures and teasuring important learnings.

"This activity was very nice, especially for children who were fascinated. Excellent proposal of the House, especially for the family," said Angel Ruiz, worker & # 39; Senercom, partner company & # 39; CChC Punta Arenas, who attended with & # 39; his wife and their two children & # 39; 7 and 5 years.

On the other hand, the play "Gemelos" made in 7: 00 pm, and tells the story & # 39; two brothers in the context of the Great War, a scenario which will be forced to start process a & # 39; allowing personal learning survive pain, hunger, permanent humiliation, abandonment, abuse, corruption, death and, ultimately, their own definitive separation. This work marked an important step in & # 39; country by launching a new theatrical language based on strong visual detection and attorali and great technique.

"F & # 39; Malallanes we need more drama of & # 39; like quality this one, that's why events like this are very significant. I came with my family and I'm very gawditha," said José Pérez, worker Salfa company.

The assembly "Gemelos" gained recognition in & # 39; & # 39 countries, North America, Europe and Asia and in Chile was distinguished as the Best Work from Circle & # 39; Critics & # 39; Art, the apes Association of Journalists and four & # 39; Altazor grants, Dramaturija, Actress and Actor.

Of & # 39; note that these games are part of the social programs of the Chilean Chamber of Construction offers its member companies, focused on four & # 39; areas: Health, Training, Housing and Welfare, seeking to improve the quality of life and the possibilities of & # 39; development of construction workers and their families.

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