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Copa Airlines expands alliance with & # 39; United and Avianca to offer better service to passengers


Copa Airlines expands alliance with & # 39; United and Avianca to offer better service to passengers

Copa Airlines announced that it has signed a joint business agreement (JBA) with & # 39; United Airlines and Avianca Holdings, which, once approved by the relevant regulatory bodies, will provide significant benefits for customers, communities and the passenger market traveling between the United States and 19 countries in Central America and & # 39; South.

More options for customers

With network integration of their complementary route as part of & # 39; joint business agreement with revenue sharing, Copa Airlines, Avianca United and will offer additional benefits to their customers, such as:

• integrated in Service & # 39; more than 12,000 possible combinations of & # 39; & # 39 pairs; City & # 39; destination
• relentless new routes
• Additional flights on existing routes
• Times & # 39; the reduced travel

Economic benefits for customers and communities to be of service

The lines & # 39; air foresee that this agreement will stimulate passenger traffic b & # 39; an important way to and from major cities & # 39; Latin America, and help attract new investments and create greater opportunities for tourism and economic development of their communities.

In addition, the airlines assess the JBA will provide its customers with & # 39; more options & # 39; & # 39 a flight, shared code, competitive rates and experienced & # 39; simplified and efficient trip.

better service for customers

The agreement will allow airlines & # 39; air to operate as if they were one of the routes covered by & # 39; this agreement, providing the opportunity to better align their programs & # 39; often, coordinate flight itineraries and enhance the overall experience & # 39; travel.

"We are delighted to strengthen our existing alliance with & # 39; United Airlines and hopefully broaden options & # 39; service for our customers by working more closely with & # 39; Avianca on routes to and from Member United States of America, "said Pedro Heilbron, CEO & # 39; Copa Airlines.

"We believe this agreement will benefit our passengers by providing more competitive rates in & # 39; extensive network & # 39; over 275 destination between Latin America and the United States. In addition, we hope will promote development and strengthen investment in our region. "

"This agreement represents the next chapter in the air between the US market and Latin America", said Scott Kirby, president of United Airlines.

"We are pleased to work with & # 39; the Star Alliance partners, Avianca and our Copa to promote more competition and b & # 39; thus promote growth in & # 39; this market; likewise, to provide better customer experience for business and leisure travelers in the Western Hemisphere. "

"We are convinced that together we are more b & # 39; health in the US-Latin America market than can & # 39; has any of the three lines individually," said Hernán Rincón, president Executive – CEO & # 39; Avianca.

"This alliance will enable Avianca to strengthen its position as an actor & # 39; high in the airline industry in North America, as a Kingdom and we will broaden the Copa our range on the continent to offer better connectivity to our customers ".

increased competition benefiting customers

Although it was observed that the joint business agreements benefit the clients and increasing competition, currently 99% of passenger traffic comes from the United States that connects Central America and & # 39; South do so without understanding & # 39; this type.

Moreover, competition between markets of Latin America and the United States has grown and includes a wide variety of & # 39; airlines b & # 39; services and different rates. F & # 39; this sense, this agreement represents product lines & # 39; air to consider that will increase and stimulate competition in & # 39; this robust market.

"Our analysis shows that the joint business agreement proposed by Copa, United and Avianca generate substantial benefits for customers traveling between the countries covered by the agreement", said Darin Lee, executive vice president of the company & # 39, Compass Lexecon consultancy and expertise in the airline industry. .

"This will allow Copa JBA and its partners to compete with & # 39; way more effective, offering competitive rates, enhance service, encourage innovation and promote a more solid and dynamic market."

Process for regulatory approval

To enable the coordination necessary to provide these benefits to customers, communities and the market, Copa, Avianca and United seek regulatory approval of the agreement and immunity in matters of & # 39; competition from the Department of transportation & # 39; the United States and other regulatory bodies. . The parties will implement this agreement once received the corresponding regulatory approvals.

The JBA currently includes cooperation between Central America and that & # 39; South and the United States, except Brazil. Even so, the recent approval of the agreement & # 39; open skies between the US and Brazil opens the possibility for companies to explore the feasibility of including it in the agreement.

Once approved, the JBA will allow deeper strategic commercial cooperation applies only to routes between Latin America and the United States contemplated in the agreement. Likewise, it is important to reaffirm that the three airlines will continue to be independent companies.

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