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Copa Libertadores final vs. Boca: how was the attack on the micro Boca and what are the affected players


Stones, tear gas and broken glass.

In the final of the Copa Libertadores scheduled for Saturday there was no football.

Instead, there were several incidents & # 39; violence, including, the attack & # 39; River followers on the bus in which they were traveling players & # 39; Boca.

The police intervened in an altercation and several athletes were injured.

This led to the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) delayed the meeting twice and, finally, ikkanċellatha.

It is expected to keep on Sunday, in 5:00 local time.

"Call a doctor!"

Between generated great expectation, the bus with players & # 39; Boca was directing at the Monumental to start the game.

But as passed by neighborhood & # 39; & # 39 Núñez; Buenos Aires, River fans focused on the road and started throwing & # 39; all kinds & # 39; xeneize item in the vehicle.

F & # 39; many videos aired by social networks, you & # 39; to see the fans at launching Bottles for those who seem to stones, causing various micro crystals destroyed.

The police intervened and used tear gas, and this substance also affected the players who traveled on the bus, according to the Argentine press.

"The police have been overcome," said César Martucci, manager & # 39; Boca, a Fox Sports Argentina.


F & # 39; Video and published on the internet – and divided by Jorge Batista, the doctor & # 39; Boca, on Instagram – you & # 39; see how the attack was caught from within – micro.

First players appear until they start singing hear the punches and the environment change radically.

"The doctor! Call a doctor!"Start listening.

"Micro & # 39; Boca had no custody was necessary, I feel very bad for everything that happened," the president & # 39; River Plate Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio told Fox Sports Argentina.

Cuts and vomiting

Several players & # 39; Boca injured after what happened, which led to the game Was canceled Saturday.

According to information from the Argentina media and agency Efe, b & # 39; completely, the injured are Captain Pablo Pérez and his ashes Lamardo Gonzalo, Carlos Tevez and Agustín ALMENDRAS.


Apparently, suffered eye damage, vomiting and even cuts in the skin.

B & # 39; in particular, the master & # 39; Boca, Pablo Pérez, and the young keeper Gonzalo Lamardo appeared to & # 39; the hand & # 39; life expectancy at & # 39; one eye in & # 39; photos reproduced by the local press.

Almond, on the other hand, suffered several cuts in the body and Tevez rimettit several times in the locker room, as a result of & # 39; pepper spray, sources close to the club told Efe.

The messages & # 39; conviction before that happened soon appeared.

Among them, the – Gabriel Batistuta, Historical Argentine national team goalkeeper and former player & # 39; River Plate and Boca Juniors.


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