Thursday , December 9 2021

Criptoċizji: Santander celebrating the decision of the Supreme Court and that "makes sense"


Still, the top executive body was open to do business with brokers once regulated.

The judgment of the Supreme Court to ensure the closure of bank accounts to the operators remain kriptokonferenza & # 39; generate reactions.

In the framework of the second survey version "La VOZ del Mercado" led by EY with the stock exchange, the president of Banco Santander, Claudio Melandri celebrated sentence: "I am very glad that it was so, because there is a contradiction . "

The chief executive of the bank controlled by Spanish capital said "M & # 39; I have nothing against the kriptokonferenza industry, but banks are required to know the origin and destination of funds and in kriptokonġenzi industry not known ".

Melandri said "the decision makes sense to me, because it is just too much regulation that banks have, and observe the origin and destination of funds to avoid situations & # 39; money laundering, terrorist financing, drug trafficking, etc. "

The president of the entity explained that when a deposit in banks whose origin is unknown, the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF) must be informed, "then, on the one hand we had that regulation and, -naħa other, we we operate with & # 39; & # 39 company where m; inħux light on the origin and destination of the funds. "

However, Melandri was open to kriptokonġenzi industry, saying that "once it is clear and regulated, which operates happy because we will do business, not to say no."

Departure from Transbank

Melandri anticipated next steps will take Santander after deciding to withdraw from the purchase Transbank network.

"F & # 39; April we will move to a pattern & # 39; exchange rates and the most important thing is that it will not affect any customer, no one will jirrealizzawh, will be imperceptible", he said.

Of & # 39; recalled that Santander moved to market its exit from Transbank "after the antitrust authority in Chile recommendation, which recommended proceeding with this model & # 39; four & # 39; parts. "

The bank said that it is an independent player in the pay media industry will have a negative effect on its operations: "Do not seeing a significant change in our income from fees."

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